10 Hilarious Logical Harry Potter Memes That Are Actually Hilarious (2023)

Harry Potteris a magical series that has played an important role in shaping our youth. He taught us many valuable life lessons such as the importance of friendship and selflessness. JK Rowling handcrafted an entire universe for us, filled with brilliant characters and concepts. She single-handedly brought Hogwarts to life, giving fans a "place to call home, whether it's on the side or the big screen."


But despite all the magical whims that us thepotterseries, there are definitely some elements in thereHarry Pottersomething like that... doesn't make sense. The HP world has its own (funny) logic, so without further ado, let's take a look at some of the funniest memes that emphasize this twisted logic.



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One of the most moving elements of it allHarry PotterThe series stems from the unrequited love that Severus Snape reserves for Lily Potter. When Snape finally shows the slightest sign of kindness to Harry as he lies dying, he tells the Boy-Who-Lived that he has his mother's eyes.

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While the last moment together between the two made fans cry, this beautiful exchange was spoiled by the above meme, which pointed out what Harry was definitely likeNotHe has his mother's eyes. While the actress who plays a young Lily clearly has brown eyes, Harry has those baby blue ones. This meme changed the entire game (and partially ruined our childhoods), but we can't deny how hilarious it is. What were the casting directors thinking?

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Seriously, Fred and George deserve more credit for being super nice to Ron's so-called third-year lover. Since the Weasley twins have access to everyone at Hogwarts on the Marauder's Map, chances are they'll run into their own brother who slept with that "Peter Pettigrew" guy every night. Of course, Peter had scabies all along, but Fred and George had no idea that was the case. If you saw Ron and Peter hugging on the map, you were advanced enough in the early 2000s to know that love is love. Too bad they didn't realize that this "Peter" character is a grown man.


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We all remember this classic (and perhaps somewhat dramatic) scene inHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stoneas Harry attempts to steal one of Hogwarts' acceptance letters in slow motion. While this moment is magical and epic, now it just makes us laugh out loud because of this particular meme. It turns out that Harry isn't the brightest lightbulb in the box, no matter how often he uses the lightbulb.swampCurse. If you rewatch the scene from the movie, you'll see that there are TONS of admissions letters on the floor. Why didn't he pick anyone off the mat? It's probably just that Harry can be dramatic, but we honestly love him even more for it.

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Growing up, we all may have at some point accused our teachers of being mean. Maybe they gave us too much homework, maybe they teased us too much in class. Although these teachers may have been mean, they probably weren't honest.malas if they were insidepotterUniverse. Serious. Why doesn't Dumbledore read these professors' resumes and cover letters better? Why can't employees do a more thorough background check? is a school ofKinderBy Merlin! Do your job Albus and choose teachers who aren't mysterious to destroy the little kids!!


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Honestly, what would you do at the age of eleven if a strange man broke down your door and told you to get in his van (or his flying motorcycle) because you're a fucking magician? It seems unlikely that anyone would automatically trust this random behemoth who looks like the leader of a Father John Misty fan club. Sure, the idea of ​​going to a wizarding school sounds incredibly enticing, but most people would probably be wary of following Rubeus Hagrid into a "magical world." However, if Harry chose not to trust the bearded giant, we wouldn't have a series! In that sense, we're grateful for Harry's sense of logic (or lack thereof).


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That moment when Voldemort is a secret teddy bear and is actually quite pensive. It's very kind of you to wait until the end of the school year to try and kill the boy who survived. He truly understands the importance of learning herbalism, transformations, spells, and even divination. When it comes down to it, you might even call Lord Voldemort a good pair of shoes for letting Harry do the whole "school" thing. Maybe the Death Eaters even make fun of him because of his nerdy ways. Lord Voldemort? More like Lord NERD-ALERT am I right folks?


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Okay, definitely the only onerealThe Hogwarts troll is Dumbledore. The definition of a troll is "eliciting an angry reaction" and it seems that everyone in Slytherin house is a victim of the Headmaster's trolling. You could say that Albus is taking his trolling a little too far because he's willing to put a lot of kids in danger.

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Sure that scene was silly, but now that you think about it, it's pretty funny. Makes you wonder... where did the Slytherins go after this scene? Were they forced into the Hufflepuff dorm? That would be an incredibly interesting combination to witness the connection. Sounds like the perfect setup for a reality show!

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Turns out the Sorting Hat isn't as deep as we thought. While we'd like to think that the Sorting Hat uses great deliberation and deep psychological considerations to choose who enters each house, this meme more accurately describes who will be a Ravenclaw and who will be a Hufflepuff. The truth is that as humans we are too multidimensional to simply be any of the following: "brave", "loyal", "intelligent" or "ambitious". Most of us don't have just one defining characteristic because we're (usually) more complex than that. This meme hilariously hints at the strange and rather random thought process that goes on inside the Sorting Hat. Also, this is a perfect description of the online hat sorting quizzes we all took countless times before we grew up. (Don't pretend you weren't upset when you found out you're Hufflepuff.)


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ÖHarry PotterThe series is so loved and loved for the valuable life lessons it teaches us. The magical series teaches us all about the values ​​of friendship and the importance of doing the right thing. What she could do better is teach people not to trust strangers so blindly! Throughout the series (especially the first few books), Harry is quick to trust everyone while listening to every ridiculous word they say and sticking with it. Classic Harry! If I told you to jump off a cliff, would you, Potter? we know youfariaready to hit a brick wall, and we've put that on record, bro...


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Okay, sure, the scoring system only works as a popularity contest, and Harry's house obviously wins because that's how the game works.potterThe world works. No matter how hard all the other houses worked. It didn't matter how loyal those Hufflepuffs were or how ambitious the Slytherins managed to stay through the year. None of that matters because Harry Potter is a Gryffindor and obviously the school's Cady Heron, so he scores while the Slytherin, aka Gretchen Weiners, ducks. That's Harry Potter logic for you kids!



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