7 Essential Cat Training Tricks Your Cat Can Learn (2023)

Contrary to popular belief, cats are just as much fun to train as dogs! Cat training is a great way to bond with your cat and teach him the meaning of a few key words.

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As a fan of equal opportunity pets, I dare say that cats are just as fun to train as they are.dogs? Your cat will enjoy learning basic instructions, and most kittens take it well.training belteven if you combine lessons with food and fun. "Many cats enjoy training when it's done correctly, with patience and rewards," says behaviorist Katenna Jones, ACAAB and director of theJones Animal Behaviorin Rhode Island. As with any other relationship, you get what you put in!

While cats cannot be trained to do the variety of tasks that dogs are made for,basic trainingit comes naturally to them. cats instinctivelyuse a litter box, it is commondog behaviorproblems likeplay bitethey are easy to avoid.

Often trains a cat.maidendoing something, like training them not to bite or pull on the leash, simply amounts to not eliciting that behavior in the first place. if you aretraining belt, choose oneenjoyinstead of a training collar, which can lead to frenzied behavioropposition reflexand can suffocate your cat. If your cat bitesteach him what to doredirecting its predatory instincts to a feathered toy.

The benefits of cat training are enormous. “Exercise provides mental and physical stimulation, as well as positive social contact,” says Jones. "Training alone is incredibly valuable for frustrated, bored, timid and anxious cats."

Before you begin training your cat, walk on your feet for one minute. Unlike dogs that bond with their family like toddlers, behaviorist saysstanley koren, PhD, DSc, FRSC, the cats are more adolescent. While dogs cooperate with a few kind words, cats are motivated to pay to play. Despite our hype, cats will only participate in training games if the rewards are worth it.

7 functional tricks to train your cat

Cat training is a great way to bond with your cat and teach him the meaning of a few key words. “The most important thing is to let your cat have the last word in what you learn; not all cats like to do all things,” says Ingrid Johnson, CCBC and Director offundamentally felinein Georgia. “Choose the behavior that is already natural for your cat before you start introducing the behavior right away.

"Keep it positive," he adds. "clicker trainingIt's a very effective way to identify when your cat is exhibiting the behavior you've been targeting."

Cat training, in a nutshell, is simply putting words to natural behavior and rewarding your cat for cooperation. Here are seven words and actions to teach your cat:

cat licking man's knuckles and practicing the "soft" command

7 Essential Cat Training Tricks Your Cat Can Learn (2)

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quite friendly

Encourage your cats to see hands as always rewarding. To prevent biting, apply some store-bought or homemade toothpaste to your knuckles or the back of your hand. Say "gently" when your cat or kitten licks your hand, and gently remove it if it starts to bite or bite.

the cat sniffs what's in the person's fist for the "find it" command.

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in exchange of

Throw valuable treats at your cat's paws, and if she can keep pulling, add the phrase "Find it." Yes, it is that simple. Then you can play the ladle game with Tupperware containers or even with your hands. Say "gentle" if he scratches or bites your hand, and use some cat paste to encourage him.lick. Reveal the treat after he licks or gently strokes your hand with his paw.

Cat kissing index finger using target practice

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You can use a DIY or store-bought target or even your fingertip. Teach your cat to be alert for the target by holding it two inches in front of your cat's nose. The moment she hits, click and reward her. Once your cat is reliably moving toward the target, say the word "target" to set that behavior on track.

asian woman treats sitting cat after ordering "sit down"

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When your cat is naturally sitting up, click and give him a treat. You will soon notice that your cat sits down to give you a cue when he brings out the treats. Add the word "sit" as soon as you can predict his behavior. Then try to lure her into position with a target stick or pointer. Click and reward this pose. Gradually stop clicking on each correct answer, clicker and try once in a while. Intermittent rewards provide a more powerful teaching method: if the kitten never knows when a reward might appear, it is more likely to perform well.

white cat sitting on the mat for the command "on your mat"

7 Essential Cat Training Tricks Your Cat Can Learn (6)

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In your dress and stay

Make a cat mat by placing a flat rug, towel, or cloth napkin on the counter, sofa, or table. Curiosity may not kill your cat, but it will get the best of you! Click while stepping on the mat. Then, toss a treat a little way off the mat so your cat has to come back for the next round. Gradually introduce prompts "on your mat." Once your cat voluntarily goes to the mat and stays there, present the "stay" signal. Use the mat to encourage your cat to stay in a place like hers.cat treewhile eating or cooking. You can also take your cat mat with you on vacation or to the vet to comfort your cat during checkups.

the cat receives a treat after following the command "come"

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Cats can learn to cum from the moment they enter your home. Combine positive experiences with the word "come." To do this, place the treats in a cup or container and shake and reward until your cat recognizes the sound. Click and reward your cat when it arrives. Slowly increase the time between saying "come" and shaking the treats until he's on time. Gradually eliminate the clicker and treat it intermittently.

cat in his carrier practicing the "in your box" command

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In a box (or cat basket)

Most cats will be happy.jump in a boxor explore a bag. Having a direction for this behavior is helpful when removing thethe cat drags. Even take out the carrier before you need it, hide treats, and even feed your cat or kitten portions of their food inside. When your cat jumps into the carrier or a box, click and reward the behavior. When your cat asks for it, add the "in the box" sign. Introduce him gradually to his crate/carrier and reward him after each trip.

Lessons often require intense focus, so keep them short and fun; less than five minutes works well. Finish them all with great fun using a feathered frill or a stuffed toy, and let your cat lead you to victory.

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What not to do when training cats

Cats do not respond to and do not learn from discipline. Tapping, spraying, or startling techniques may discourage your cat from performing certain behaviors around you, but they usually won't stop it. His mere presence will buzz, creating a cat wary of his commitment. Physical discipline can also trigger an onslaught of tooth and claw, and once learned, aggressive responses are difficult to eliminate. Thereforepositive reinforcement trainingwith your pet is very important.

"The behaviors we see, especially the ones we don't like, are the way cats communicate," says Jones. "Any method that is punitive or designed to reduce behavior simply stops communication. Instead, focus training on what you want, not what you don't want."

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