Ahsoka: opening window, location, plot, cast and everything we know so far (2023)

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With a franchise as big asstar warwhich has a huge catalog of popular characters, not even the most famous ones have a story likeAhsoka Tano.

It's hard to believe that there was a time when fans got the idea.Anakin SkywalkerHaving a Padawan was absurd, since nothing like it had ever been mentioned in live-action movies. Slowly but surely, the young Ahsoka captured the hearts of the fandom, evolving from arrogant student to patient Jedi Knight.Star wars, the clone wars(2008-2022). When he left the Jedi Order for a new life, many thought it was the end of his journey, but he chose to fight the good fight nonetheless.Rebels of Star Wars(2014-2018) and even went up against his former master, who has now been corrupted into the evil Darth Vader. His duel with Vader should have been the end of his journey as well, but he somehow cheated death and finally made his glorious live-action debut.there are mandalorians(2019-), even make oneBrief appearance in The Book of Boba Fett(2021).


Now that the fan favorite has become a household name, her story continues once again with her own live-action series. production inAhsoka(2023) is coming to a close and we finally have some long-awaited details for his first solo series, so here's everything we know so far about Snips' next adventure series.

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Is there a trailer for Ahsoka?

Since the show is currently filming, we didn't expect to see footage for a while. However,Some footage premiered at the show's panel at Star Wars Celebration., though sadly the Sizzle Reel was held behind closed doors for those who didn't attend. Unsurprisingly, plot details were kept under wraps, but they did reveal an important connection torebelswith confirmation that Ghost Twi'Lek pilot Hera Syndulla would appear along with a few other recurring characters.

Ahsoka: opening window, location, plot, cast and everything we know so far (2)

we have one tooextremely brief first public lookin this show on Disney+'s Sizzle Reel 2023, where we see Ahsoka remove her cowl before her next adventure hits the streaming service. It's not an explosive reveal, but the images potentially mean a new trailer won't be far behind.

When and where does Ahsoka debut?

However, an official date has not yet been set.Ahsokais on track to premiere in 2023. Like the other live actionstar warShowthere are mandaloriansmiObi Wan Kenobi,Ahsokawill make your home unique on Disney+.

Will Ahsoka get a season 2?

At this time,AhsokaIt's being billed as a miniseries, which means it's going to be a year-long effort. Tano fans shouldn't give up hope just yet, though, as some Disney+ shows were billed as miniseries and suddenly picked up for another season to set a good example.Loki.

It really just depends on how well the series does and where Ahsoka's story ends and whether or not a full sequel is warranted or wanted and since the show follows one character as popular as Ahsoka so will the other .rebelsCharacters, it's hard to imagine it being a flop.

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When Ahsoka appears in theStar Wars Timeline?

Ahsoka: opening window, location, plot, cast and everything we know so far (3)

A few decades after she joined the franchise.the clone wars, his story inAhsokaIt will be his last adventure so far as far as filming time is concerned. withrosario dawsoncontinue to play the leading role,Ahsokait is expected to take place some time after the events of yoursLive-Action Debut In The Mandalorian Season 2, and presumably after his brief appearance inBoba Fett's book(although we hope to see the first meeting between Ahsoka and Luke).

For those curious how this fits into the timeline of the movies, here's what I'd do.Ahsokasomewhere between the events ofreturn of the jedimithe force awakensthat is, after the fall of the Empire and before the rise of the First Order. However, these anxious flashbacks showing Ahsoka's early years in a live-action clone wars could be exactly that, as there's aa certain Jedi who hates sandwhose appearance has been confirmed.

What is Ahsoka's plan?

Like practically all the newer onesstar warProject keeps plot details to a strict minimum, but that doesn't mean we don't have a good idea of ​​where Ahsoka's story is headed. At the end of his episode onthere are mandalorians, Ahsoka's objective was made quite clear. After his duel with Morgan Elsbeth, Ahsoka made it clear that he was on the hunt for a bigger fish:Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Imperial Chiss leader and main antagonist ofRebels of Star Wars.

Despite being involved with a variety of Sith Lords and Inquisitors, Thrawn was one of the most relentless and formidable opponents the rogue band had ever faced, pushing the team to their mental and physical limits. The end of the show felt less like an ending and more like a cliffhanger, with Thrawn andrebelsHeldEsra Bridgerdisappear into the vastness of space. So if Thrawn is indeed alive, as Ahsoka believes, there's a good chance Ezra is still around, too.Ahsokanot only a continuation of Tano's story, but also a direct continuation ofRebels of Star Wars.

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Who plays Ahsoka?

Ahsoka: opening window, location, plot, cast and everything we know so far (4)

Leading is the role as a writer and showrunner.David Filoni, who has been involved in practically allstar warTelevision project, both animated and live. This seems extremely appropriate since Ahsoka is one of the firststar warCharacters that Filoni personally created forthe clone wars, not to mention that he is the creator ofrebelswhat's more. As usual, Filoni will also produce the show on the sidelines.jon favreaumikathleen kennedy🇧🇷 As if Filoni isn't doing enough, he'll also be directing, and while the full list of directors hasn't been released yet, we do know thatSpider-Man: In den Spider-Versprincipal Pedro RamseyHe is part of the crew.

Who is in the cast of Ahsoka?

Once again, Ahsoka is brought to life by Rosario Dawson (reckless), who got her wish to play the role after a viral campaign from fans. Her warm welcome from the rest of the community after hers.mandalorianoThe appearance seemed to confirm to Lucasfilm that she was the right choice, albeit hopefully the original voice actress for Ahsoka's animated performances.ashley eckstein, at least it seems so.

Remember when we said earlier that we might get some Clone Wars flashbacks? Well, the biggest proof of this is the confirmed return ofHayden Christensen(revenge of the sith) as Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka's former teacher, as well as the man who would become Darth Vader. Given theAhsokahappens afterreturn of the jedi, Anakin is long dead at this point, which means we're more likely to see him in a Clone Wars flashback where Anakin and Ahsoka fight battle droids. Or maybe we'll even see a brief return of the duel between Vader and Tano.

Ahsoka isn't the only character to jump from animation to live action, either.Natascha Liu Bordizzo(day shift) will play Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian freedom fighter who once held the legendarydark saber🇧🇷 It will probably address how he lost the saber to Moff Gideon, but including the character makes a lot of sense given his close relationship and friendship with Ahsoka.

esfandi's mother(king richard) will play another graduate of Rebelsno Joven Jedi Ezra Bridger, who is currently missing. Many assumed so at first.AladdinPopamena masoudwould play the fan-favorite character, but thisThe rumors turned out to be false.tweet with the actor:

The rest of the main cast complete itMary Elizabeth Winstead(Birds of prey),ray stevenson(thor), zIvanna Sachno(Pacific Rim: Rebel🇧🇷 Who they will play is currently a mystery (Stevenson played Mandalorian villain Gar Saxxon inclone warsmirebelsbut her death in the latter seemed pretty final), but they may be playing some other characters that will show up. These include ace pilot Hera Syndulla, Imperial lead manipulator Grand Admiral Thrawn, and curmudgeonly astromech droid Chopper.

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What will the plot of Ahsoka be? ›

Set after the fall of the Empire, Ahsoka follows the former Jedi knight Ahsoka Tano as she investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy. It seems innocuous at first, and in keeping with the assumption the series will follow Ahsoka in the hunt for Ezra and Thrawn.

Will Ezra be in Ahsoka? ›

Star Wars: Ahsoka will reportedly see the return of Star Wars Rebels hero, Ezra Bridger. Making his live-action debut in the upcoming Disney+ show, Bridger will be played by actor and filmmaker, Eman Esfandi, as confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter.

Why is there no mention of Ahsoka in Episode 3? ›

Well, to be literal, she was never mentioned because she hadn't been created at the time Episode III was made. But speaking in terms of the Star Wars canon, perhaps she just wasn't mentioned on screen.

Is the Daughter inside Ahsoka? ›

It's heavily implied she's either a servant of the Daughter or perhaps even a manifestation of the dead god. She can also be seen flying around during the Clone Wars finale. There seems to be a part of the Daughter inside Ahsoka that she's either unaware of or unable to access.

Does Ahsoka have a canon death? ›

While her friends initially believed she died during her confrontation with her former master, the final few episodes of Rebels revealed that Ahsoka was alive and well.

Who betrayed Ahsoka? ›

It was Barriss herself who orchestrated the bombing and framed Ahsoka. Anakin dueled Barriss on Coruscant, and eventually placed her under arrest. Brought before a military tribunal led by Governor Tarkin, she admitted her guilt, but held steadfast in her belief that the Jedi and Republic had lost their way.

Who does Ahsoka marry in Star Wars? ›

During the conflict, Ahsoka became senator of her homeworld of Shili, in addition to her duties as a Jedi. After the war, she narrowly evaded Order 66, and went into hiding with her husband Lux, while he served in the Imperial Senate.

Did Ahsoka become a Sith? ›

Ahsoka wears "pseudo-samurai" armor in Star Wars Rebels, and her lightsabers' lack of color indicates she is neither a Jedi nor Sith.

Will Ahsoka meet Luke? ›

Luke Met Ahsoka Sometime Between Empire Strikes Back And The Mandalorian. Whether it was just before Return of the Jedi or the years that followed before The Mandalorian, it was inevitable that the two would meet.

Why was Ahsoka kicked out of the order? ›

She was framed for the bombing of the Jedi Temple, and later, cold-blooded murder. As a result, the Jedi Order expelled her, and she escaped from prison to clear her name.

Why is Ahsoka called snips? ›

If someone said something she didn't like about her, she'd snap back at them with sass. Take Anakin for example. He'd called her a youngling to her face, and she didn't like it so she snapped back. This also earned her the nickname Snips which became more of an affectionate gesture rather than an insult.

Does Ahsoka have PTSD? ›

Again, without giving too many details, because the book does it gorgeously, Ahsoka has a lot of PTSD. She believes her master died, which takes a toll. Ahsoka also is super closed off to any type of close relationship, friendly or otherwise.

What crime did Ahsoka commit? ›

Former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano was put on trial shortly before the end of the Clone Wars, after Tano was charged with sedition against the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic for her alleged role in the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar.

Which clone got a Padawan pregnant? ›

Which clone got a Padawan pregnant? During one of these missions she would break the Jedi Code's rule of attachment by falling in love with Darman, RC-1136, a clone commando in Omega Squad, and becoming pregnant with his child, Venku Skirata.

Why is the 3rd sister after Obi-Wan? ›

As the Third Sister, she was highly ambitious. Thus, her mind was set on tracking down Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, with her fellow Inquisitors assuming she hoped his capture would gain her Darth Vader's favor and therefore improve her station.

Who was Ahsoka framed for killing? ›

Former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano was put on trial in 19.1 BBY after she was framed for and charged with the bombing of the Jedi Temple Hangar and the murder of Letta Turmond and several clone troopers. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin presided over the trial.

Does Ahsoka turn evil? ›

Affiliation(s) Ahsoka Tano was a Jedi Padawan till an infection caused her mind to be warped and turned to the dark side. She was later turned back to the light side by Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and clone Captain Rex.

Are there male Togruta? ›

A majority of the Togruta species within the Jedi Order were females, though males were not unheard of.

Who stole Ahsoka's lightsabers? ›

Back in the slum district, they are directed to Bannamu's hideout—the Spider Arms Hostel. Ahsoka eventually locates Bannamu, and learns that he has sold her lightsaber to an assassin called Nack Movers.

What did the Son do to Ahsoka? ›

Before the Jedi can leave Mortis, the Son takes Ahsoka captive in an attempt to entice Anakin into joining him to use their combined strength to overpower his Father and Sister. To this end, the Son casts Ahsoka under the spell of the dark side.

Who did Ahsoka have feelings for? ›

Lux Bonteri is Ahsoka Tano's love interest in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

What Jedi fell in love? ›

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satine Kryze

Fans of the Legends continuity may remember Obi-Wan fell in love with fellow Jedi Padawan Siri Tachi.

What was Anakin's relationship with Ahsoka? ›

They eventually developed a close bond with each other, similar to a child and parent or even a big brother and little sister. After Anakin was severely injured during a mission to save Aayla Secura, Ahsoka was deeply concerned for her master, not wanting to leave his side until he was better.

Who knew of Anakin's marriage? ›

The wedding of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala took place in 22 BBY by way of secret ceremony at the Varykino lake retreat in Naboo's Lake Country. The ceremony was officiated by a Pontifex of the Brotherhood of Cognizance named Maxiron Agolerga. The only witnesses to the marriage were the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Why did Darth Maul help Ashoka? ›

Maul has had a vision of Anakin turning to the dark side and becoming Sidious' new apprentice, and he offers Ahsoka the chance to team up to take down the Sith lord and stop this all from happening, saving her master and maybe even the galaxy in the process.

What is on Ahsoka's head? ›

Ahsoka's headdress is a mark of great prowess. The triangular pieces are akul teeth, gained as a trophy for single-handedly defeating one of the predatory animals on the Togruta homeworld.

What is Ahsoka if not a Jedi? ›

Technically speaking, No. Ahsoka was a Padawan when she left the Jedi Order at the end of the Clone Wars. While she never stopped using the Force and her power is probably on par if not above many Jedi Masters, she was not a full-fledged Jedi. She was never officially “knighted".

Did Padme ever meet Ahsoka? ›

The relationship between former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Senator Padmé Amidala was a strong friendship between these two strong women. They grew acquainted with each other, considering each other as friends and met through their affiliation with Anakin Skywalker.

Will Vader be in Ahsoka? ›

Sources have informed me that Tom O'Connel is being fitted for a new Darth Vader suit for the Star Wars: Ahsoka Disney+ series. Sources working on Ashoka have confirmed Darth Vader will have a significant sequence in the story.

What is the age difference between Luke and Ahsoka? ›

Ahsoka was 14 years old at the start of the Clone Wars and 17 by the end of it, so she's only 17 years older than Luke Skywalker.

What did Ahsoka want Obi-Wan to tell Anakin? ›

For those who don't know, this is what I'm talking about. It is a small theory that says what Ahsoka was going to tell obi wan to tell Anakin was “You we're my brother Anakin, I loved you” For me, this is likely but I think it is a bit odd that she would tell Kenobi to communicate this exact wording.

Why did Ahsoka abandon Anakin? ›

In addition, look at the way Ahsoka abandoned Anakin when she left the order. To the audience, she didn't abandon Anakin. She felt she couldn't stay in an organization where her reputation would forever become tainted. Also, she felt Anakin's plan, but she had to do what was right for herself and not for him.

Why did Ahsoka have white lightsabers? ›

Ahsoka's white lightsabers first appeared in the TV episode "Fire Across the Galaxy," the season one finale for Star Wars Rebels. According to Dave Filoni, one of the show's creators, the lightsaber blades are white to reflect her non-affiliation with the Jedi or Sith.

What Anakin calls Ahsoka? ›

Ahsoka's nickname, 'Snips' was given to her during the battle of Christophsis by Anakin Skywalker, her master.

What is Ahsoka's lightsaber called? ›

She built a shoto lightsaber with a yellow-green blade to accompany her primary weapon.

What is Ahsoka Tano's middle name? ›

Ahsoka Tano
Full NameAhsoka Tano
Home WorldShili
AffiliationJedi Order (resigned) Galactic Republic Grand Army of the Republic 501st Legion Alliance to Restore the Republic Lothal Rebel Cell
Master(s)Anakin Skywalker
1 more row

Is Ahsoka straight? ›

Ahsoka Tano To Be Revealed As Bisexual In Future Star Wars Appearances.

Did Vader ever think about Ahsoka? ›

Darth Vader always knew his apprentice Ahsoka Tano survived Order 66 - and he even foresaw their fateful final duel on Malachor in Star Wars Rebels.

Did Ahsoka survive 66? ›

While most Jedi fall, Ahsoka lives to fight another day because she is prepared for anything on the battlefield, including her friends. Anakin's extensive training allowed Ahsoka to survive Order 66 and, later, the rebellion.

Did Obi Wan vote against Ahsoka? ›

Word of God: According to Dave Filoni, Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Plo broke with the rest of the Jedi Council and voted against expelling Ahsoka.

Who is the villain in Ahsoka? ›

Star Wars fans believe Thrawn will be Ahsoka's main villain, but it's more likely that he'll join forces with Ahsoka Tano in her Disney+ series. Star Wars has plenty of great villains, all of whom have their defining traits. Ahsoka Tano's enemy Darth Vader was known for his ruthlessness and determination.

Was Barriss Offee a Sith? ›

Barriss Offee was a female Mirialan Jedi Knight. She carried a blue lightsaber and trained as a Padawan under Jedi Master Luminara Unduli.

Who was Padme's baby? ›

She secretly marries Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi Knight, then later dies while giving birth to twins Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.

How do Togrutas mate? ›

Togruta were sexually-reproduced animals, requiring the mating of an opposite sex couple to produce offspring.

Who was Luke's Padawan? ›

The end of Episode 6 for The Book of Boba Fett saw Luke Skywalker setting up his Jedi school and training Grogu. At the end of the episode, Luke gives Grogu a choice to become his first student and continue his journey to becoming a Jedi or to choose to be with the Mando, his friend.

Did Satine and Obi-Wan have a child? ›

The theory is that Satine's nephew Korkie Kryze, who bears a striking resemblance to Obi-Wan, is actually Satine and Obi-Wan's son. This has never been confirmed, so it seems likely to be only mere speculation, but there's no definitive proof that Obi-Wan didn't have a child with Satine.

Is roken in Star Wars? ›

In “Part IV” of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars fans were introduced to Roken (O'Shea Jackson Jr.), a member of The Path who ended up helping Tala and Obi-Wan succeed in their mission to rescue Leia from Reva and Fortress Inquisitorius.

Did the Third Sister used to be a Jedi? ›

Reva Sevander, better known as the Third Sister, is the central antagonist of the 2022 Disney+ live-action Star Wars miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi. She was a Jedi youngling who survived Order 66 and fell to the dark side of the Force, joining the Galactic Empire by becoming part of the Inquisitorius.

What happens to Ahsoka at the end? ›

After surviving Order 66 and fashioning graves for the fallen clones, which included leaving behind her lightsaber, Ahsoka parted ways with Rex, took on the name Ashla, and settled on the Outer Rim planet of Thabeska for close to a year, befriending the locals but fleeing once the Empire arrived.

Is there going to be a movie about Ahsoka? ›

No official date has been set in stone quite yet, but Ahsoka is on track to premiere sometime in 2023. As with the other live-action Star Wars shows like The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka will be making her exclusive home on Disney+.

What did Darth Vader do with Ahsoka's lightsaber? ›

Darth Vader taking the saber represents Anakin's love for his first spiritual child, Ahsoka. It echoes the way he addresses her by name in Rebels' “Twilight of the Apprentice,” letting Ahsoka know that her former master is still in there somewhere.

Do we know how Ahsoka dies? ›

After Anakin fell to the dark side and Palpatine executed order 66, Ahsoka didn't follow in Anakin's footsteps. She was hunted down like the rest of the Jedi, but she faked her own death and fled into exile.

Does Ahsoka Tano become a Sith? ›

Ahsoka wears "pseudo-samurai" armor in Star Wars Rebels, and her lightsabers' lack of color indicates she is neither a Jedi nor Sith.

Why are Ahsoka's lightsabers white? ›

Ahsoka's white lightsabers first appeared in the TV episode "Fire Across the Galaxy," the season one finale for Star Wars Rebels. According to Dave Filoni, one of the show's creators, the lightsaber blades are white to reflect her non-affiliation with the Jedi or Sith.

Why was Ahsoka removed? ›

She was framed for the bombing of the Jedi Temple, and later, cold-blooded murder. As a result, the Jedi Order expelled her, and she escaped from prison to clear her name.

How old is Ahsoka? ›

Born in 36 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) on the Togruta homeworld of Shili, Ahsoka was 17 when the Clone Wars ended in 19 BBY. By the time she returns in Rebels in 4 BBY, she's 32.

Is Ahsoka immortal? ›

She didnt become "the new sister", she didnt become more powerful, she certainly is not immortal. She live to fight another day, and learnt a lesson. She made regular progress in the force and acheived her own enlightenment.

Who will be the next Darth Vader? ›

The Disney+ show will premiere on May 27, and it officially marks Ewan McGregor's return to Star Wars. This will be his first appearance since 2005's Revenge of the Sith and he will be joined by Hayden Christensen, who is returning as Darth Vader.


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