Free Curriculum Vitae (CV) templates for Microsoft Word (2023)

When writing a resume (CV), it may be easier to start with a template, especially if you're used to working with other types of resumes.

Athe course of lifeit is an alternative form of education. Certain industries (including academia, education, some sciences, and international companies) often prefer resumes over resumes. A hiring manager will typically request a resume about the job position.

Resumes are longer than resumes (at least two to three pages) anddiffer from curricula in other waysAlso. Resumes provide more information about your education and achievements, including research, awards, scholarships, publications, and teaching experience.

How to use a resume template

If you areyou write a primer curriculum vitaeor view a current resume, a template can be very helpful. For example, a template can show you how to organize your resume. It shows which sections to include and how to organize each section.

Templates can also help you with the style of your resume, including what font and font size to use and how much space to put between each section.


The templates also show you what to include on your resume, such as what information to include in each section and what type of language to use.

How to select a resume template

Don't know how to format a resume? Do you want to review your current resume? You have two options:

  1. here is a foundationtemplate del curriculum vitae(compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) that you can download and use by entering your own details in the relevant categories.
  2. Alternatively, Microsoft resume templates are free for Microsoft Word users. Reviewing your templates is a helpful way to get an idea of ​​the format and what information to include on your resume.

Microsoft Curriculum Vitae (CV) Templates for Word

Free Microsoft resume templates can be downloaded in Microsoft Word. (Microsoft has that tooresume templates.)

To access these resume templates on your computer:

  • Open Microsoft Word and click "New."
  • Then type "resume" in the search bar to explore the available templates. (Or select "Resumes and Cover Letters" from the suggested searches to access resumes and resume templates.)
  • Finally, choose the template you want to use and Word will launch your ready-made template.

To access Microsoft resume templates online:

visit onemodels section, Y:

  • Scroll down to the Resumes & Cover Letters section to explore all the templates (this section also includes resumes).
  • Search for "resume" or "resume" to find the templates available.
  • Click on the corresponding document title to view the template.
  • Click the "Download" button and follow the instructions to download the resume template to your computer; either,
  • Click "Open in Browser" to edit the template using Word Online. If you have a Microsoft account, you can use Word Online to create, edit, and share Word documents.


Not all templates work with all versions of Word, so check before downloading. A message will appear next to the download button informing you if there are any restrictions.

Tips for Using a Resume Template

After you download or open a resume template file, type your text into the file to start creating your own resume. To create a sophisticated and personalized resume:

View resume templates and examples.Before you start writing your resume, take a look at some of them.examples and modelsto get ideas for a well-written resume.

Make the resume unique to you and the job.Resumes contain several sections that resumes do not normally contain, including teaching experience, research, scholarships, grants, publications, presentations, etc. Decide which sections to include on your resume (depending on the job you are applying for) and which to remove.

Don't forget to edit your CVbased on the experience required for each application. Wearkeywordsof the vacancy formatch your grades to the input. This way you can be sure that your application will attract the attention of the recruitment committee.

Be short and to the point.Resumes should be as concise as possible, although they can be longer than a normal resume.


Make sure your resume focuses on the job you're applying for and skip anything unrelated unless it bolsters your candidacy.

It may be tempting to use the longer format to highlight more of your qualifications, skills and experience, but keep in mind that hiring committees still have limited time to review your application. Make sure your resume focuses on the job you're applying for and skip anything unrelated unless it bolsters your candidacy.

Tell the truth.Whether you're writing a resume, it's essential to be honest about your experience and skills when applying for a job. Otherwise, you risk being found out during theBackground Checkand was no longer considered for the role. For example, in academia, professors can be fired if they are found to have lied on their resumes during the hiring process. (Even if you manage to lie in the short term, you're less likely to succeed in a position you're not really qualified for.)

Give it a unique file name.Save your resume with your first and last name asfile name. So employers know who it belongs to. For example, save it as firstname.lastname.doc or lastnameresume.doc.

Reviewed.Read your CV before sending it to an employer. Make sure you have replaced all the information in the template with your own custom information. Also, take the time to carefully review your resume, looking for misspellings or formatting inconsistencies. Ask a friend, family member orcareer advisorto also read your resume. A well-written CV will impress an employer, while a careless mistake can work against you.

Download a Curriculum Vitae template

This is a sample resume.Download the resume template(compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

Free Curriculum Vitae (CV) templates for Microsoft Word (1)

Download the Word template

Sample Curriculum Vitae (text version)

academic andy
123 Highgate Towers, Apartment 3
Chicago, Illinois 60637
000.123.4567 (the)


Victorian England, literary theory, detective fiction, historical fiction


PhD in English Literature, 2017 – Northwestern University. Thesis:Searching for identity in Victorian detective fiction. Sherlock Watson, presidente

Master of English Literature, June 2015 – Northwestern University.

Engels BA, June 2013 – Northwestern University.


Associate Professor: University of Chicago, Department of English, September 2019 to present.

Assistant Professor: University of Chicago, Department of English, September 2017 to June 2019.



Erudito, Andy.Dickens and the birth of detective fiction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019

Peer-reviewed journals

Academy, Andy. “Zombies and Ax Murderers in Victorian Detective Fiction,” Victorian Literature Journal, 32(4): 38-67.

Scholar, Andy. "Where No One Dares: Dickens' Underground," WHAT: The Dickens Journal 12(3): 25-35.

Scholar, Andy. "Finding my way through Dicken's gloomy house", WHAT: The Dickens Journal 11(4): 08-19.


2018. Scholar, Andy. "Gloomy underground house." Dickens Association Annual Conference, Seattle, WA.

2017. Scholar, Andy. "Unexpected Pathways in Police Fiction". Victorian Studies Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.


Assistant/Associate Professor, University of Chicago

  • Romance Story, English 301
  • The Birth of Police Fiction, English 302
  • Victorian period, English 303

Assistant/Associate Professor, University of Chicago

  • Introduction to English Literature, English 201
  • Dickens Subway, Engels 400

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University

  • English Composition and Rhetoric, English 101.


ABC Study Abroad Summer Scholarship, 2020

UC Teaching Awards, 2018 and 2019

Lectures by Sherlock Holmes, 2016


President of the Research Commission of the Faculty, 2020

Library Purchase Committee, 2019

Undergraduate Advisor, 2017-2020


Victorian Studies Society

Detective Fiction Studies Association

Association of Modern Languages

main conclusions

  • A curriculum vitae (CV) is an alternative form of resume that is at least two to three pages long and contains more information about your educational background.
  • Certain industries, including academia, education, some fields of science, and international business, prefer resumes over resumes.
  • Always follow the instructions on the job posting and submit a resume if requested.
  • Resume templates can show you how to organize your resume, which sections to include, and how to organize each section.


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