It prequel series Welcome to Derry gets green light on HBO (2023)

Heprequel serieswelcome to derrycomes to HBO. Untitled Rick and Michonneliving DeadThe series begins production. Jake Lacy and Alison Brie join Peacock'sapples never fall. Steven Spielberg is developing Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon biopic for HBO. Also the followers of Kiefer SutherlandKaninchenbauand Apple Original Movietetris, starring Taron Egerton, and more of the biggest TV and broadcast news from the past week.


Heprequel serieswelcome to derryIt was serialized on HBO Max.

It prequel series Welcome to Derry gets green light on HBO (1)

(Photo by Warner Bros.)

Get ready for more Pennywise the Clown as officially ordered by HBOHeprequel series,welcome to derry. It takes place in the world of Stephen King.HeUniversum will be inspired by King's book for the prequelHenovel and broaden the vision of Andy Muschietti, who directed the feature filmsHemiit's chapter two.

"We are very excited to continue this iconic franchise starring the brilliant Andy and Barbara Muschietti, Jason Fuchs and Brad Caleb Kane. This prequel expands on that.HEcanvas of storytelling, taking fans deeper into the terrifying and fascinating city of Derry," said Sarah Aubrey, HBO's head of original content, in a statement.

That's right, Andy and Barbara Muschietti are on board, along with Fuchs, who has been working to bring the latestHeBig screen movies that included a terrifying update of King's infamous demonic clown Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgard. It remains to be seen if he will take on the role in this new project.

This isn't the first time a streaming series has attempted to expand the universe of King's story. Hulu is short livedBurgfelsenprogram created by J.J. Abrams, brought the author's multiverse to the small screen, weaving together a collection of his stories and characters (frommiseryforNecessary things) from the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, to create a new psychological horror story.

Wie Mike Flanagan y Trevor Macy MapaSeine Adaptation of King's Dark TowerFor television, we can't help but applaud Master Horror's continued influence on genre entertainment on the small screen.

"I am pleased that the story of Derry, Maine's most haunted city, will continue," King said in a statement. "And I'm delighted to have Andy Muschietti overseeing the spooky celebrations, along with a group of minds that includes his talented sister Barbara de él. Red balloons everywhere!"

We are ready to float.

living DeadUntitled Rick and Michonne Series Begins Production

It prequel series Welcome to Derry gets green light on HBO (2)

(Photo by AMC)

living Deadbut it may be overliving DeadThe universe is still alive and moving. After a long wait, the six-part spinoff series about fan-favorite characters Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) has begun production in New Jersey. To further whet fans' appetites, the network has posted two new behind-the-scenes images (one above, one below).

(Video) IT Prequel Series Ordered By HBO, titled Welcome to Derry

It prequel series Welcome to Derry gets green light on HBO (3)

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The still untitled series is the lastliving DeadSpin-off to mount the camera to joinThe Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, who accompanies Daryl on new adventures around Europe, andThe Walking Dead: Tote Stadt, which centers on Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) traveling from Georgia to the Big Apple.

Not much is known about the series other than the obvious details that the love story between Rick and Michonne will continue. And your fight against threats, both from the undead and the living, will continue. The long-awaited spin-off will premiere on AMC+ in 2024

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New Trailer: Kiefer Sutherland FallsKaninchenbaufor Paramount+

Kiefer Sutherland to investigate a different kind of terrorist threat in Paramount+ thrillerKaninchenbau. In the new suspense thriller, Sutherland stars as John Weir, a master trickster accused of murder by unseen forces with the ability to control society and influence the population. Fear, a lot?

From the looks of the trailer, this Weir character is not Jack Bauer. And honestly, that's a refreshing change. After nine seasons of watching the legendary Sutherland counter-terrorism agent save the world and bite the jugular veins of the bad guys who get in his way.Kaninchenbauit gives the actor some new character nuances to play with.

Then again the adventures of fox24it took place in a time before the advent of deepfakes, AI, and all the other cyber threats that are making waves today. What happens when a self-proclaimed master of deception finds himself at the center of a web of lies? find out whenKaninchenbauPremieres March 26 on Paramount+.

Other trailers and teasers released this week:
high expectationsis a six-part limited series adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel of the same name by award-winning author Steven Knight. Premiere March 26. (Effects on Hulu)
¡Guerra!The first season tells the story of a world where archaeologists are huge celebrities and the nicest people in the world. Premiere March 22. (Comedy Central)
The Wizard's Elephantis based on the classic novel that follows Peter as he searches for his long-lost sister. After a chance encounter with a fortune teller, he embarks on a harrowing journey to find a mysterious elephant and the sorcerer who will summon it. Premiere on March 17. (Netflix)
The powerIt's our world, but through a twist of nature. Suddenly and without warning, the teenage girls develop the power to electrocute people at will, causing a complete reversal of the world's balance of power. Premiere March 31. (first video)
Kraftbuch II: PhantasmaSeason 3 returns with new twists and turns, as Tariq, Brayden, Monet, and the Tejadas must rise or be knocked down. Fresh off Zeke's murder, everyone is in mourning, but they won't have much time as a host of new issues and questions arise. Premiere on March 17. (stars)

tetrisis a new Apple Original Movie starring Taron Egerton, inspired by the true story of how a man risked his life to outwit the KGB and make Tetris a worldwide sensation. Premiere March 31. (AppleTV+)
Rainhundecomes from the sparkling new voice of Cash Carraway and is an offbeat love story between a working-class single mother, her 10-year-old daughter, and a privileged gay man. Premiere March 6. (HBO and HBO Max)
Waco: American Apocalypseis an immersive three-part documentary series on Netflix launched to commemorate the 30th anniversary of this national tragedy to provide a definitive account of what happened in Waco, Texas in 1993 when cult leader David Koresh took over the federal government after of a bloody 51-day siege. Premiere March 22. (Netflix)
unnoticedtells the story of a nondescript servant girl who goes in search of her missing husband only to encounter powerful and violent criminals. Her response to the immense and imminent danger she faces is not as timid as it seems. Premiere March 29. (Netflix)
Chang can divefollows Chang, a 16-year-old Asian-American high school student in the marching band who bets the school's basketball star that he can dunk at prom. The bet sends him on a quest to find the jump he needs to impress her crush, Kristy, and eventually win the attention and respect of her schoolmates. Premiere March 10. (Disney+)

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Cast: Jake Lacy and Alison Brie join Annette Bening and Sam Neill in drama Peacockapples never fall

It prequel series Welcome to Derry gets green light on HBO (4)

(Video) HBO Creating A Prequel For The IT Movie?

(Foto de Amanda Edwards/Getty Images; John Jay/Peacock)

Screen Actors Guild Award and Emmy Award nominee Jake Lacy and Screen Actors Guild Award winner and two-time Golden Globe nominee Alison Brie have been added as regulars to the cast of Peacock's upcoming limited drama series.apples never fall. They join previously announced talents Annette Bening and Sam Neill, who will play former tennis coaches Joy and Stan Delany in the project. Lacy will take on the role of Delaney's second son, Troy Delaney, whose competitive edge as a young tennis player has become his greatest asset as a venture capitalist. Brie's character is Amy Delaney, Delaney's eldest daughter and also the black sheep of the family. Without professional and personal guidance, it's clear that Amy is a mess.apples never fallBased on the best-selling book by Liane Moriarty, it follows the Delaneys who, on the outside, seem like the perfect family, but when Joy goes missing, the Delaney children are forced to reconsider their parents' marriage and family history.

air hoodit cast Al-Shabazz Jabateh as Hudson, Nicholas Duvernay as Drew, Diandra Lyle as Erika Baker, Justin Cornwell as Lamarcus Alton, and Reno Wilson as James Lewis. The new additions to the drama will be seen in recurring roles in the second season. (last term)

Margo Martindale and Chris Diamantopoulos star in the Amazon seriesthe sticky one. The half-hour comedy series, produced by Oscar nominee Jamie Lee Curtis, follows the true story of "The Great Canadian Syrup Heist," a true crime involving the theft of $18 million (Canadian) from Quebec National Maple Syrup. , which happens to be more than 70% of the world's supply of maple syrup. Martindale will play the tough and highly competent maple syrup farmer Ruth Clarke, and Diamantopoulos will play low-key gangster Mike Byrne. (diversity)

BridgetonAlumni Nicola Coughlan and Lydia West fromit is sinFame will follow suitcustomary humor, a new comedy series for Channel 4. According to the show's tagline, the new series is "a vibrant, rebellious portrait of female friendship as infiltrated by the complexities of serious mental illness." (diversity)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead joined the cast oflord in moscow. Showtime's limited series adaptation of the international bestseller Love Towles follows Count Alexander Rostov (McGregor) who, after the Russian Revolution, finds himself on the wrong side of history and is banished to an attic room in the elegant Hotel Metropol under constant threats. death at the hands of the Soviet government when he leaves. Winstead plays Anna Urbanova, a glamorous self-made independent film actress at the height of her fame. She uses her intelligence and beauty to impress Count Alexander Rostov. Is it her real romance or is this attraction a ruse?

Melissa George will star opposite Ben McKenzie in the pilot of the ABC hospital drama.the wounded unit, which follows a highly trained team of trauma surgeons and nurses as they try to treat patients who don't make it to the hospital on time. Jorge replaces Dr. Rachel Ashcroft, chief of psychiatry and assistant administrator at City South Hospital in Nashville. (last term)

Jodie Turner-Smith is an al elenco of the Netflix seriessex educationfor its fourth season. She joins newcomers Dan Levy, Thaddea Graham, Marie Reuther, Felix Mufti, Anthony Lexa, Alexandra James, and Imani Yahshua. (diversity)

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Sam Smith will star in season 2 of HBO and the citycontinuation of the seriesAnd so...Details about who they will play in the series are not yet known, but the show posted a short teaser on Instagram showing Smith poking her head out of a trailer, with the caption: "Until something unholy happens on set."

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(Video) IT: Chapter Two | Behind The Scenes: Pennywise Lives Again | Warner Bros. Entertainment

A post by SAM SMITH (@samsmith)

BMFadded Grammy winners 2 Chainz and NE-YO in recurring roles to season 3. 2 Chainz will play Stacks, an Atlanta-born and raised dealer whose wisdom and physique command respect everywhere he goes. NE-YO will play Rodney "Greeny" Green, a local Atlanta gambler looking to make money. Full of swagger and entrepreneurial spirit, Greeny is more than meets the eye.BMFis inspired by the true story of brothers Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory and Terry "Southwest T" Flenory, who rose to fame in Detroit's criminal underworld in the 1980s. Season 2 is currently airing on Starz.

Onyx Collectivehow to die alonehas cast Conrad Ricamora to play the crazy Rory, KeiLyn Durrell Jones to play Air Force veteran Terrance and Jocko Sims to play Alex, Melissa's former boss and current case, in the upcoming eight-episode comedy series for hulu. They join previously announced star Natasha Rothwell on the series.vitrina shermanmiSouth sideFormer student Bashir Salahuddin will appear in a recurring to die aloneIt will follow Melissa (Rothwell), described in the series' official synopsis as a "neurotic fat nigger who's never been in love." After a comedic confrontation with death, she refuses to settle for anything less than the life she wants and catapults her on a journey to become "100% that bitch" in real life, by any means necessary.

Whoopi Goldberg will guest star in an upcoming episode ofos conners. She becomes Mark's (Ames McNamara) music teacher, Mrs. Glen, who has a complicated history with a member of the Conner family. (last term)

Judy Reyes, Deniz Akdeniz and Javicia Leslie join Kaitlin Olson and Daniel Sunjata in the untitled American adaptation of Drew Goddard's French detective.HPI(High intellectual potential). Reyes will play Selena Soto, Akdeniz will play Lev "Oz" Osman, and Leslie will play a character named Daphne. (last term)/

Emily in ParisStar Ashley Park Added to Hulu Season 3 CastOnly murders in the building.. She will return as Kimber, a Broadway hit. (last term)

Netflix series starring Richard Armitage, Michelle Keegan and Joanna Lumleyfool me once, an eight-part thriller inspired by Harlan Coben's novel of the same name. Keegan stars as Maya Stern, a woman dealing with the brutal murder of her husband Joe (Armitage). (diversity)

Country music icon and entertainment mogul Reba McEntire will star as a mega-mentor in the upcoming season of the Emmy-winning singing competition series.accept. Reba joins superstar trainers Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan and Blake Shelton to guide the cast through the combat rounds as the teams prepare for qualifying starting April 17. Blake during the show's inaugural season and will return when Blake completes his final season as a coach before leaving the competitive series. Season 23 ofacceptPremieres Monday, March 6 on NBC.

Production and development: Steven Spielberg adapts Stanley Kubrick's LostNapoleonBiopic for series on HBO

It prequel series Welcome to Derry gets green light on HBO (5)

Steven Spielberg has been developing Stanley Kubrick's Lost Movie since 2013.NapoleonBiopic.last termsay whatThe FabelmansThe director is "putting together a great production" for what is now a seven-episode series for HBO. Originally, Kubrick planned to makeNapoleonafter the success of his science fiction classic2001: A Space Odyssey. Jack Nicholson, David Hemmings, and Audrey Hepburn were cast in the film. But after some ongoing budget problems, the film was scrapped and Kubrick directed the 1975 film instead.barry lyndon. During his visit to the Berlin Film Festival, Spielberg revealed: "In collaboration with Christiane Kubrick and Jan Harlan, we are putting together a great production for HBO based on Stanley's original screenplay.Napoleon. we are working onNapoleonas a seven-part limited series.

steven spielberg speech#Berlinale2023which is adapting Stanley Kubrick's lost film Napoleon into a limited series for

— Hollywood Deadline (@DEADLINE)February 21, 2023

Something is killing the children., the hit horror comic from James Tynion IV and Boom Studios. Set in a town plagued by monsters chasing children, it gets the Netflix adaptation treatment ofDarkmi1899Breeders Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The project has already been developed byThe Haunting of Hill HouseCreators Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy, who have since left Netflix for Amazon Studios. Odar and Friese will write, run and run the series if the streamer gives the green light. (hollywood reporter)

Apple Studios has ordered a 10-episode drama seriesthe last frontier, from the creators Jon Bokenkamp (blacklisted) and Richard D'Ovidio (The call) and with Jason Clarke. Clarke will play US Sheriff Frank Remnick, a lone sheriff in command of the Alaskan wilderness whose jurisdiction is thrown into chaos when a prisoner transport plane crashes in the remote wilderness, releasing a cavalcade of violent prisoners. As he fights to protect the city, he begins to suspect that the crash was no accident at all.

(Video) I Think We All Can Agree Velma HBO Max Tv Show Is God Awful

by Oscar WildeOr image of Dorian Grayis updated for the age of social media. ZDF Studios and Factual Fiction collaborate on the project that will bear the title#Dorian Gray, and explore topics like sex, gender, mental health, and consent through the social media-inspired lens of tweets, Instagram posts, and TikTok videos, all while following Wilde's original concept of a character who cultivates an image of who he is. instead of who he really is. (diversity)

In a deal with BBC Studios, Hulu acquired the US rights to the new comedy-thriller genre.I am irrationalWritten by and starring BAFTA winner Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli, the six-episode series follows Nic (Cooper) as she finds herself trapped in a dismal marriage and grieving a loss she has no one to share with. Her son Ollie (Lenny Rush) is the only one keeping her going. But when Jen (Hizli) comes to town, her life lights up with laughter, and through this kindred spirit, her dark secret begins to surface.

Mike Grist's action thriller novels have been selected for series development by Mandalay Television. Former CIA agent Christopher Wren is the hero of the six-book series. The story follows Wren as he goes after the worst cult leader in history who is focused on destroying American democracy by pitting the population against each other. (last term)

murder is easyit is the first BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie for the post-Sarah Phelps era. The author who wrote names likeAnd then there was no more,the prosecution witness,torture for innocence, zThe ABC MurdersHe left Christie's world behind. This new two-part miniseries follows a man named Luke who discovers a murderer on the loose in the sleepy English village of Wychwood below Ashe and takes it upon himself to catch the culprit before he kills again. (last term)

the category is(wt), a new eight-episode documentary series exploring the New York ballroom scene, is being produced by ITV America (strange eye) and the production studio Good Company (BeyoncéLemonade). The impromptu program is presented from the perspective of one of the most prominent houses on the scene: the Miyake-Mugler House. (diversity)

TBS expands itsAll elite matchesUnscripted New Series FranchiseAEW: full access- a companion document of the perspectives of the biggest stars in the league. This ultimate behind-the-scenes experience will feature Adam Cole, Dr. Britt Baker, Sammy Guevara, Tay Conti, The Young Bucks, Saraya, Wardlow and Eddie Kingston, and Tony Khan, AEW CEO, General Manager and Creative Director. The series begins in March of this year.

Ayellow jacketsImmersive pop-up experience comes to SXSW

Just in time for the return of season 2 ofyellow jacketsOn Showtime, the network will bring a three-day interactive pop-up experience called Camp Yellowjackets to Austin's South by Southwest Festival, inviting fans to delve deeper into the world of the hit thriller.

The "Camp Yellowjackets" installation will debut at the Austin Fair Market during the first weekend of SXSW and will be open Friday, March 10 through Sunday, March 12. -It was a summer camp. Easter eggs from the show will be on display throughout the event, and fun things like ax throwing, barbecue deals, and cocktail specials are on the agenda.

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(Video) Stephen King Reveals His Top Five Stephen King Stories

A post from The Dirty Team™️ (@thedirtyteam)

Showbiz talent will be featured, though those who will participate have yet to be announced. For more information,

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