Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (2023)

Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (1)

If you've played Persona 5, you know that answering classroom questions correctly benefits you and your classmates.SaberUnderground. Persona 5 Royal comes with new questions and even a new semester to test your knowledge. But what is school without a cheat sheet! Take a look at the answers to all the questions below.

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Persona 5 Royal April Q&A in the Classroom


Q. Tell me what the devil's dictionary defines as the factor that hides the advancement of the human race.

A. Villains


Q. Between A and B... Which line seems longer...?

A. They are the same


Q. Between music, theater and chariot racing, what sport did Nero win when he competed in the Olympics?

a. all of them


Q. Ann is asking for help with the meaning of the phrase "My country is right or wrong."

A. Undoubtedly supports it or has a duty to correct it(whatever appears)


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (2)

Q. Do you know the name of the group that has this number?

A. Set of four colors

04/30 - 3 part question

Q1 First, the "miracle" part probably means...?

UNTIL THE 1st Miracle

Q2. Then the "friendly" part. That's probably...

A2. amable

Q3 if it has to be "Friendly" in your case it means a child... or at least a young person.

A3. unprodigio

Mai Persona 5 Royal Classroom Questions and Answers


Q. So what is the literal translation of the phrase "femme fatale"?

A. femme fatale


Q. You know the time when Yoshitsune was active right?

A. The Heian period

5/11 exam season

Q1 What historical figure inspired the "magistrate's favor"?

A1 Minamoto as Yoshitsune

Q2. Yoshitune had a brother, right. Oh, I think his name was...

A2 Minamoto como Yoritomo

Q3 But in the end they collided. And in the end when they had to disagree...


Q4 Probably because people tend to sympathize less with those in power and more with...

A4. the weaknesses

5/12 exam time

Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (3)

Q1 What brain function is responsible for the phenomenon of seeing an illusion in this image?

A 1. Knowledge

Q2. Which of the following cards can you paint without making the adjacent areas the same color?

A2. Ambon

05/13 exam period

Q1 Name the book that defined the "male factor" as the main factor in the advancement of the human race.

UP 1. The Devil's Dictionary

Q2. Which character archetype refers to a mysterious and seductive woman, usually with ulterior motives?

A2. death


Q. What do we call the phenomenon where believing in the power of a treatment is enough to improve your condition?

A. There is a placebo effect

(Video) Sip & Stitch LIVE Beginner Machine Embroidery Tutorial July 2022 Q & A


Q. Which famous artist of the Edo period is said to have changed residence more than 100 times?

A. Katsushika Hokusai


Q. The golden ratio is 1:1.618, but do you know the silver ratio?



Q1 If we think about what these words have in common, maybe "syn" means...

TO 1. Together

Q2. And "aisthesis", right? It's a bit like the word aesthetic. I wonder if that means...

A2. sentidos

Q3 That means the whole word basically means...

A3. the senses come together


Q. Do you know from which author Leblanc borrowed?

A. Arthur Conan Doyle


Q. Do you know which historical figure carrying a parrot on stilts became the visual shorthand for pirates?

A. John Silber

Persona 5 Royal June Q&A in the classroom


Q. What do you think is the name of the phenomenon?

A. The halo effect


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (4)

Q. The red king crab is biologically related to the hermit crab. How is it different from a crab? Know?

A. The number of legs.


Q. Where does totalitarianism go one step beyond authoritarianism?

A. Control of public thought


Q. What color do you think you will get (if you wash your hair with copper)?

green one


Q. What paper notes and coins does the government issue?

A. Coins


Q. Assistant Ann: One of them contains minor metals, right?

A. Smartphone


Question: Do you now know what this woman's position was?

A. A Pope


Q. Which of these animals appears in an expression in English about the weather?

A. Dogs


Q. What do you think is written on the back of this piece (Shogi)?

A gold

Persona 5 Royal July Classroom Q&A


Q. What does the original Chinese expression for these dumplings mean?

A. barbarian's head


Q. Two people are responsible for July and August having 31 days. Do you know who these people are?

A. Julius and Augustus


F. Help Ann: Tanabata is about gods crossing a starry sky to meet once a year. Could it have something to do with...?

A. The Milky Way

F. Traditional food


Macaroni from A. Soumen


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (5)

Q. Do you know what shape it is?

A. A triangle


Q1 What is long term memory anyway?

A 1. Memories that last a long time

Q2. Markus mentioned something about how much memory you can save, right? Something like ….

A2. plenty

Q3 If you theoretically have infinite space for them... You could theoretically save them for...

A3. Forever


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (6)

Q. Do you know what he did?

A. Ladroagem

13.07. examination time

Q1 If angle C measures 28 degrees and angles A and D measure 88 degrees, what is the angle of B and E?

A1. 64 city

Q2. I think that came up in a class. They were invented by the campus guy from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, right?

A2 Zhuge Liang

Q3 And they offered something to calm the current...

A3. barbarian heads

Q4 This master strategist created the Baozi

A4. To offer them instead of heads

07/14 exam period

Q1 What is the name and genus of this organism?

Red king crab A1 (Paralithodes)

Q2. What happened when the government first issued hard currency and paper in Japan?

A2. confuses the economy

07/15 exam period

Q1 What is the English equivalent of the Norwegian expression "raining witches"?

UNTIL 1. It's pouring rain

Q2. Which of the following is another name for the tuberose noodles traditionally eaten on Tanabata?

A2. demon guts

Persona 5 Royal in the Classroom September Q&A


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (7)

Q. Each hand on this famous statue means something, but do you know what the right hand represents?

A. Prosperity


Q. Do you know the name of this phenomenon where the second hand seems to have stopped moving?

A. Cronostasis


Q. What does a pawn shop offer that a thrift store doesn't?

A. Collateral Cash Loans


Q. What is one of the supposed origins of the phrase "The cat has your tongue"?

A. Cats that eat human tongues


Q. Robot comes from a Czech word... but where is the Czech Republic in Europe?

A. European Headquarters


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (8)

Q. How many black and white shapes are on each soccer ball?

A. 20 white, 12 black


Q1 So "PVS" refers to when you mistakenly think your phone is ringing... What's the P?

(Video) The AntiChrist and A Cup of Tea | TIM COHEN

Ghost A1

Q2. The next part is part V. That means it would be "ghost..." what?

A2. Vibration

Q3 The last one is the S. So, if we have "ghost environment" so far...?

A3. Syndrome


Q. But the Nagaragawa fishermen are also government employees. So tell me which sector they belong to.

A. Imperial Household Agency

Persona 5 Royal October Classroom Q&A


Q. If we use "three watermelons in the sun" to visualize the size of some matter compared to the size of the universe, what are melons?

A. Stern


Q. Do you know who invented this instrument? (Guillotine)

A. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (9)

Q. What is the most common designation given to Form B?

A. Bouba

10.17. examination time

Q1 If you count the black and white areas, how many areas does a soccer ball have in total?

A1. 32 surfaces

Q2. Didn't the teacher say that the number of colors used to be different? Do you remember?

A2. previously a color

Q3 Ah yes, I remember. I think she said it differently than now, soccer games were broadcast with...

A3. black and white image

10/18 exam time

Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (10)

Q1 Who used this device to carry out executions?

A1. Charles-Henri Sanson

Q2. What is the reason why most people cannot become professional fishermen in Nagaragawa?

A2. it is a hereditary profession

10/19 exam time

Q1 What does "Robota" mean, the etymological root of "robot"


Q2. Which of the following statements describes the density of stars in space?

A2. 3 bees throughout Europe


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (11)

Q. Now tell me the total of each column in this magic square.

A 15


Q. Psychologically, what is the main reason why our memories may differ from reality?

A. Remember the bias

Questions and answers in the November classroom real person 5


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (12)

Q. Clubs is a club, gold is a jewel, so what does a spade represent?

A. A sword


Q. Tell me, how old do you have to be to hear a sentence?

At any age


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (13)

Q. Do you know why the raven sign is missing?

A. Raven eyes are hard to see


Q I wonder. Do you know why voices sound so different on the phone?

R. Because the voice is synthetic.


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (14)

Q. Tell me, why is this happening? (The sun rises over Mount Fuji)

(Video) THE ANTICHRIST IS WITH US ALREADY PART I | with Author Tim Cohen and Alfred Weber.

A. Due to the high altitude.


Q. He should be taken around the city and punished in a very special way. How was he punished? (Nezumi Kozo)

A. His head was exposed


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (15)

Q. Do you know the name of this graph? His advice is "snails"...

A. Cocleoide

December Persona 5 Royal Classroom Questions and Answers

12/20 exam time

Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (16)

Q1 Choose the graphic named after the Chinese yo-yo called Diabolo.

A1. D

Q2. He was a very famous thief in the Edo period, right? How much money did he end up stealing?

A2. More than a billion yen

Q3 As a result, it became...

A3. clear your head

Q4 Criminals, especially famous criminals, paraded around...

A4. An achievement

21.12. examination time

Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (17)

Q1 What sequence of cards represents the Holy Grail?

to 1 hearts

Q2. According to Japanese law, what can a child do in court?

A2. Participate

22.12. examination time

Q1 Which country refers to a person who controls politics behind the scenes as "Prime Minister in Black"?

To 1 Japan

Q2. The Japanese word "dokyuu" means "massive." What English word inspired the initial "do" in Dokyuu?

A2. Accorazado

January Persona 5 Royal Classroom Questions and Answers


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (18)

Q1 Assist Ann: What is this sentence about the Shinto gods supposed to illustrate?

To 1. how many are

Q2. What is the sentence again? The question of how many gods are there in Shinto?

A2. The eight million gods


Q. Where do you think the fictional country "Ihatov" was modeled?



Q. What did the word terrible originally mean?



Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (19)

Q. Do you know what you are stepping on?

A. a snake


Q1 What does it mean when describing a person? (Sweet)

A 1. Kindness

Q2. What connotation would "salty" have in this context?

A2. negativo

Q3 With that in mind, "salty" probably means...

A3. resentido


Persona 5 Royal: All New Classroom Q&A | digital crowns (20)

Q. How far does this study suggest that personal happiness can extend?

A. For friends of friends of friends


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