Sheetz's Menu Prices of All Food and Beverage Specials - Nutritional Information (2023)

When your car and stomach are empty, it's time to visit Sheetz. You can refuel your car by paying at the pump and entering. Here you can order through your phone or touch screen at this convenience store. You don't have to talk to anyone, and sometimes that's a good thing, because it's better to be quiet than busy during happy hour. It has everything a hungry traveler could need, including coffee and specialty drinks from Sheetz. Before we get into the Sheetz menu prices, let's see what the Sheetz specials are.

Sheetz Food Menu

Sheetz is a 62-year-old family-owned chain with 600 stores in just 6 states in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. The company is the top-rated company on Facebook with 1.2 million fans and was ranked 87th on Forbes' list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2014.

Sheetz's Menu Prices of All Food and Beverage Specials - Nutritional Information (1)

According to the Yelp reviewer, their made-to-order espresso bar is comparable to Starbucks, but at half the price. It is often praised for selling gasoline at lower prices than its competitors. It was the first convenience store to implement touch screen menu at its deli counter to customize food orders.

Since this place has no time limit on menu items, it satisfies your breakfast craving any time of the day and night. They do not charge for ATM withdrawals. There is a rewards program. Save up to 8 cents on gas purchases, plus discounts on groceries and other merchandise. Sheetz delivery is available at most locations.

Sheetz Menu and Prices

Sheetz's menu is very extensive and they have a made to order menu including pizza, wings, sandwiches, salads and more. The best value on the menu is the hot dog, which is around 99 cents. Sheetz's frozen drink menu offers shakes and shakes starting at $2.99. Tea or chai at Sheetz is around $1.99. Sheetz coffee prices start at around 99 cents. The food menu, which includes appetizers, breakfast, burgers, burgers, chicken, starts at around $3.99. Let's take a look at Sheetz's full menu prices for all items below.

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Sheetz Breakfast Menu

Many people have to leave the house early to go to work and do not have enough time to eat a nutritious breakfast. Sheetz serves its customers with different types of breakfast. Macaroni and cheese, starting at $2.99, is Sheetz's most requested breakfast item. Other items start at around $2.49.

Maple Hot Cake Griddle$ 3,89
Walker's Breakfast Patrolman$ 4,19
kicking kip$ 3,69
farm chicken€ 3,99
showdown protein$ 4,19
crooked blt$ 3,15
wild West$ 3,79
Croissant de tocino Dreamy$ 2,49
Fried Bacon and Egg Sammich$ 5,20
breakfast bread
Cookie1 is.$ 1,19
rolo ciabatta1 is.$ 1,00
Horn1 is.$ 1,19
pretzel paper1 is.$ 1,00
english muffin1 is.$ 1,19
sliced ​​sourdough1 is.$ 1,00
simple roll1 is.$ 1,19
Breakfast (other things)
Shmonster Breakfast Burrito (omelette, bowl, or wrap with cheese)$ 5,00
Breakfast burrito (bacon, sausage, or western)$ 2,00
the great whirlpool$ 2,79
Shmonster Breakfast Plate€ 5,99
Mini Hashbrownz$ 1,69
Shmonster Ultimate Breakfast Burrito (Tortilla, Bol de Cheesy Wrap)$ 6,00

pasta with cheese

Sheetz MTO menu and othersPrices
Chili Macaroni and Cheese$ 2,99
MTO Mac N Cheese with chicken picante$ 4,89
MTO Mac N Cheese With Chicken Popcorn$ 4,89
macaroni and cheese$ 2,99
MTO Mac N Cheese with Grilled Chicken€ 3,99
Boom Chicka Mac$ 4,99
MTO Mac N Cheese with Chicken Strips$ 4,89
Szechuan Fire Mac€ 3,99
meatball mac$ 4,59
MTO Mac N Cheese With Meatballs$ 4,99
tomorrow mac$ 4,79
Real MTO Mac N Cheese$ 2,99
MTO Mac N Cheese With Ham€ 3,99
MTO Mac N Cheese con Hot Dog€ 3,99
MTO Pork Mac and Cheese€ 3,99
MTO Mac N Cheese with steak€ 3,99
Three cheese macaroni and cheese$ 2,99
Sheetz's Menu Prices of All Food and Beverage Specials - Nutritional Information (2)

Sheetz Menu and Saladz Prices

Sheetz huissalade$ 5,00
Homemade Chicken MTO€ 6,99
California Cobb Salad€ 7,99
Echte River$ 4,99
MTO Spicy Chicken€ 6,99
Kipsalade River€ 5,99
MTO Grilled Chicken€ 5,99
MT Italian€ 5,99
MTO Ham and Turkey Combo€ 5,99
MTO corn popcorn kip€ 6,99
MTO Tuna Salad€ 5,99
Steak salad with fries€ 7,99
bistec MTO€ 5,99
MTO assumed€ 5,99
MTO Crispy Chicken€ 6,99
Türkiye Premium MTO€ 6,99
Spicy Caesar Salad with Chicken€ 6,99
Chicken salad with fruits and nuts€ 6,99


Crispy Chicken Wrap$ 2,29
fish sandwich$ 2,29
hamburger wrap$ 2,29


clear wrap$ 4,00
Vis Sub (12 inches)$ 6,58
fish sandwich$ 2,29
Vis Sub (6 inches)$ 3,29
fish sandwich$ 4,29

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Hot Subz & Sandwichez Menu

Sheetz sandwich menuMaatPrices
bistec sub6 poles$ 3,50
Flatbread Cali Perú (Original)12 poles$ 10,00
skinny cat12 poles€ 7,98
melted mexican bagel€ 5,99
Grilled chicken6 poles$ 3,50
the great philadelphia12 poles$ 10,69
Popcorn Chicken Sandwich$ 6,70
bistec sub12 em€ 6,99
Pan Plano Cali Kalkoen (Premium)12 poles$ 12,00
skinny cat6 poles€ 3,99
Boom Boom Pollo Po' Boy6 poles$ 5,00
Steak Subsanduiche$ 5,25
Grilled chicken12 poles€ 6,99
the great philadelphia6 poles$ 5,59
meatball slider3 suits$ 4,29
popcorn6 poles$ 4,99
popcorn12 poles€ 8,99
Pan Plano Cali Kalkoen (Premium)6 poles$ 7,00
grilled chicken sandwich$ 4,00
Boom Boom Pollo Po' Boy12 poles€ 9,99
meatball sub6 poles$ 2,00
pulled pork12 poles$ 6,58
crispy chicken sandwich$ 7,29
crispy chicken6 poles$ 5,49
Pepperoni sub12 em$ 4,58
pulled pork sandwich$ 4,00
Flatbread Cali Perú (Original)6 poles$ 5,19
pepperoni sub sandwich$ 3,00
meatball sub12 poles$ 4,00
meatball slider2 packages$ 3,29
Pepperoni sub6 poles$ 2,29
meatball sandwich$ 2,29
crispy chicken12 poles€ 9,29
pulled pork6 poles$ 3,29

Sheetz do Meltz Menu Items

Beef$ 5,36
tuna salad$ 5,29
stiff$ 5,29
Bacon$ 5,10
Chicken salad$ 5,29
Country club$ 5,10
Grilled chicken$ 5,10
original peru$ 5,29
Italian$ 5,29
Peppers$ 3,06
ham$ 5,29
turkey raw$ 6,12
Pig$ 4,08

hot wrap

Popcorn Kip Wrap$ 6,70
pork pie$ 2,99
meatball wrapper$ 2,00
Crispy Chicken Wrap$ 7,25
pepperoni wrap$ 2,00
Meatloaf$ 4,50
Grilled Chicken Wrap$ 4,50

cold wrap

Delicatessen wrap$ 4,00
vegetarian wrap$ 3,00
club wrap$ 4,00
Premium Turkey Wrap$ 5,00
bacon wrap$ 4,00
Tuna Salad Wrap$ 4,00
italian wrap$ 4,00
Chicken Caesar Wrap$ 5,19
turkey original packaging$ 4,00
Ham sandwich$ 4,00
chicken salad wrap$ 4,00

Deli Sandwich Reception

bread ciabatta$ 5,00
club 24/7$ 5,70
Boem Boem BLT$ 5,00
garden food$ 4,60


Pizza lovers can treat themselves to Sheetz. Below you can see Sheetz's menu prices for various pizzas.

pizza$ 3,29
Pizza Meat Overload€ 7,99
Pizza Philly Cheesesteak€ 7,99
Vegetarian pizza€ 6,99
pizza to order$ 8,00
Cheese pizza€ 6,99
Pepperoni pizza€ 6,99
Pepperolli'z$ 4,00
chicken cheese pizza€ 7,99

Sheetz Menu Chicken Prices

Crispy Kipreepje3 pieces.€ 3,99
popcornGrande$ 5,29
The Big Mozz Sandwich (grilled, crispy or spicy)$ 6,39
popcornNormal$ 3,29
Carolina Coleslaw Sandwich (grilled, crispy, or spicy)$ 5,69
kip slider3 suits$ 4,29
Atomic sandwich (grilled, crunchy or spicy)$ 5,29
kip slider2 packages$ 3,29
Twisted Brunch Sandwich (grilled, crispy, or spicy)$ 6,29
Real MTO Sandwich (Grilled, Crispy or Spicy)$ 4,00
swingscalle 6$ 5,49
The Boss Bacon Sandwich (grilled, crispy or spicy)$ 5,19
Crispy Kipreepjecalle 5€ 5,99


chicken dish$ 7,00
Traverse Van 4 Shifts$ 4,00
plate of mussels$ 7,00
spicy chicken dish$ 6,00
3 plates of chicken strips$ 4,00
fish dish$ 6,00
Spicy chicken fillet dish$ 3,50
homemade chicken dish$ 6,00
Corn popcorn kipschotel$ 6,00
fish dish$ 7,00


twisted swiss burger$ 6,79
hamburger wrap$ 2,29
MTO Royal Burger$ 4,00
The big mozzarella burger$ 6,39
Sliderz Burger or Meatballs$ 3,29
Boss Baconburger$ 5,19
By geeks$ 6,59
Sliderz Burger or Meatballs$ 4,29
cowboy burger$ 6,39

Footlong Sheetz Menu Prices

Templates can be adjusted according to customer requirements. This is mainly the reason why all fast food restaurant chains have them on their menu. Sheetz's menu prices for these hot dogs depend on the filling and packaging. Starting at $3.29.

hot dogs

Sheetz's Hot Dog MenuPrices
philadelphia dog$ 2,49
fire dog$ 2,49
jalapeno shmokehouse dog$ 2,99
hot dogs with pretzel$ 1,29
Jalapeño Geladen MTO Dogz$ 2,29
Hot dog$ 0,79
Jalapeno Pretzel Cheddar Dog$ 2,79
Jalapeno Philly Dog$ 3,49
smokehouse dog$ 1,99
BLT dog$ 1,99
Cheddar dog jalapeño$ 2,29
Jalapeno Dog BLT$ 2,99
Jalapeno Junk Dog$ 2,79
junkyard dog$ 1,79
Geladen MTO Dogz$ 0,89
Fire Station Jalapeno Dog$ 3,49

mexican american

For more special offers from Sheetz, check out the discounted Mexican items below.

MTO-burrito$ 5,00
Steak and Potato Burrito€ 6,99
macho nacho$ 4,99
Burrito Kaasachtige Chili & Totz€ 6,99
that$ 5,00
Ultimate Quesarito$ 6,00
MTO Ultimate Burrito$ 6,00
taco salad$ 5,00
Ultimate Quesarito€ 6,99
Walking Tacos$ 4,99
Screaming Pig Burrito€ 6,99

Sheetz Coffee Menu

Sheetz serves a variety of coffees starting at $1. This includes a variety of cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and more.

Sheetz's Smoothie Menu

This menu serves different types of delicious shakes. Prices for Sheetz shakes start at $2.99. These are specialty Sheetz drinks that come in many flavors.

Sheetz drink card

Sheetz Drinks' menu varies by location. Some of the options are as follows.

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  • PB & J Smoothie
  • cinnamon cream
  • cotton candy milkshake
  • orange cream
  • Smoothie Horchata
  • Fluffernutter de Chocolate
  • Fluffy Nut Smoothie
  • Others such as Lattes, Ice Creams, Lemonades, Sheetz Smoothies with Fruit, etc.

Sheetz Drink prices are around $3 which is very affordable and delicious.

Sheetz Secret Menu

To order a secret menu, you need to select a base and go to the customization options, which start at $1. New items are added to the secret menu every month.

Sheetz Nutrition Facts

Sheetz prefers his food freshly prepared and typically uses a made-to-order facility. When you order from Sheetz, you get a nutrition calculator that you can use to adjust your meal. Here you can select your menu section first such as salads, sandwiches and more. You must now choose a menu item where the options you have are displayed.Sheetz's menu nutrition can be calculated in on your preference. Discover the Sheetz menu Calories, sodium, sugar, energy, protein and other information for all menu items.

Sheetz Allergen Menu

It is special for people with allergy problems. Sheetz's cooks prepare these meals with care, keeping a customer's allergies in mind. If you are allergic to any foods such as milk, eggs, fish or others, please check the ingredients of the items you are about to order from Sheetz. It is better to ask for the allergen menu in the restaurant to avoid risks.

Sheetz Contact Details


Altoona, Pensilvania,


Contact Us:

Order Sheetz online:To order Sheetz online, visit

leaf near me

Where is the nearest Sheetz? Finding the nearest Sheetz is pretty quick and easy. You should find the locator on your website or mobile app. Enter the address or your current location there. It shows all the areas of the stores around you.

Sheetz Horas

There are 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in the store. There is no separate Happy Hour menu. They won't let you stop filling your car and stomach with Sheetz. They offer a variety of coffees, specialty drinks, teas, chai, meals, snacks, breakfasts, burgers, chicken, sandwiches and chicken platter, hot dogs and sausages, kids meals and much more.

Sheetz reviews about their food and drinks.

Sheetz is a very bright, colorful, organized and oversized outlet. The store is expensive and has an indoor dining area. They also provide the basics. Like a slush and shake machine, including a Pepsi crystal slush flavor..While the prepackaged section is similar in scope, it lacks the same enthusiasm for gourmet options. The refrigerated room is stocked with a mix of soft drinks to supply an army of high school students. Pepsi and Coca-Cola products come together here and that makes for one big soda cave. We got stuck with plenty of order customizations available there, including plenty of sauce options, including the mysterious and tempting Boom Boom sauce.

common questions

Sheetz tested for drugs?

Yes, drug testing is required when looking for a job at Sheetz.


Is Sheetz open 24/7?

Some of Sheetz's restaurants are open 24/7, especially those in prime locations. But most of them work at specific times.

Sell ​​Sheetz beer?

Sheetz serves a variety of beers at 138 locations in Pennsylvania and five other locations in the company's service area. He also sells wine. Sheetz's beer and wine prices are very affordable, ranging from $9-11.

O Sheetz te Wi-Fi?

Sheetz offers its customers free Wi-Fi through York, PA Wi-Fi hotspots.

Is Sheetz outdoors?

You can get free range on most Sheetz, but not all.

Sheetz for sale?

There are many kinds of Sheetz soups like Chicken Noodle Soup, Creamy Tomato Soup, Creamy Chicken Soup, Wild Rice Soup available at Sheetz. They are not only tasty, but also delicious.

Does Sheetz deliver?

Now Sheetz delivers food to your door. He also delivers through other delivery apps like Uber Eats.

Does Sheetz accept food stamps?

You can always use your EBT card to shop at Sheetz convenience stores, but you can never use it to pay for gas or other items.

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Sheetz sells milk?

Customers can purchase any item, such as milk or other products, at Sheetz's self-service. First, 50 customers receive a gift card, which they can use to complete their purchase.

When did Sheetz stop selling alcohol?

Sheetz sells their alcohol during limited hours, which is 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 7:45 a.m. m. weekdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. at 1:45 a.m. m. Sundays. They also have a 100 percent ID policy where they are never allowed to sell alcohol without a valid driver's license.

Does Sheetz have fried pickles?

Sheetz treats his pickle lovers to fried pickle chips. They are perfectly seasoned and made with love. The fried pickles at competing stores pale in comparison to Sheetz. They are highly flavored.

How many Sheetz stores are there?

Sheetz has more than 600 locations. It now has 500 locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

Who owns Sheetz?

Bob Sheetz is the founder of Sheets. He founded it in 1952 after buying one of his father's five dairy stores in Altona, Pennsylvania. In 1961, his brother was hired to work part-time at his store.

What is Boom Boom Sheetz sauce?

Boom Boomsaus is a mayonnaise-based garlic sauce. It's a type of sauce that Sheetz serves with some of her menu items.

What time does Sheetz close?

Most Sheets stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How much is Sheetz coffee?

If you're looking for 5-star coffee, and especially for less money, Sheetz is the right place for you. They offer a variety of coffees starting at $1.

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What's good to eat at Sheetz?

Sheetz is a hot destination for many foods including tacos, bytes, onion rings, French fries, popcorn chicken, Mozilla sticks and more.

Selling Sheetz salads?

The 90-calorie salad is a very healthy way to start the day. Sheetz offers a variety of salads and dressings that are low in calories and saturated fat, including cucumber, roasted peppers, and red onion.

What's in a Sheetz Deli?

With Sheetz deli sub you can get deli, bologna, salami and ham with your choice of whole wheat or white bread, cheese spread and also custom groceries and toppings.

Does Sheetz have grilled cheese?

Sheetz is known for its macaroni and cheese. His grilled cheese is very popular and is served with some dishes like sandwiches, burgers and much more.

Sheetz breakfast?

Sheets has a custom breakfast menu with endless options. Breakfast is available 24/7 and consists of many dishes.

Does Sheetz have oats?

Oatmeal is a great option for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any other meal, as it contains only 120 calories. It is a very healthy option that will satisfy your hunger. Sheetz offers a variety of oatmeal options.

last words

Sheetz is a gas and convenience store founded by the Sheetz family. They believe in serving fresh, ready-to-eat food to their customers very quickly. They have several food and drink outlets with them. The main advantage of Sheetz is that you can fill your car with gas and fill your stomach with delicious food at the same time.

Since they're open 24/7, customers can drop in at any time and take advantage of Sheetz's dining offerings. They are known for their cafes, where they work with professional Batista. Keep visiting for up-to-date information on Sheetz's menu prices.

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