Star Wars: Why the Sequel Trilogy is my Favorite Era (2023)

I will never forget the sound. Sitting in the IMAX in Leicester Square, the air was electric, the room buzzing with lively conversation. Finally, the lights went down, the projector came on, and as the silver Lucasfilm logo lit up the screen, the audience exploded. Thus began the sequel trilogy, to thunderous applause.

The press presentationthe force awakensin December 2015 it was not like other press functions. There was applause, cheers and whistles. Taking notes was weird. The presumptions were left at the door. For two hours, the most cynical spectators were children again.JJ Abrams' Vision - the first relief in the first few minutes, which thank Godintestine, quickly surrendered to the emotion thatGreat.

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And what is more important, it wasstar war- Withalonely Dreamer is trapped on a desolate planet, a galaxy filled with weird and wonderful creatures, brought to life with tactile puppets, startling family revelations, and Han Solo and Chewbacca aboard the Millennium Falcon. The magic was there. Coming from the end of the prequels, so enmeshed in the tragedy of inevitability and carryingJorge Lucasincreasingly divisive digital sensibilities,the force awakensbrought joy back to Star Wars. Seeing Thesagarignite so bold, so confident, so fun on the big screen to impress old fans and create a whole generation of new fans was pure cinematic joy. Adventure, excitement - blockbuster audiences crave all of those things. ANDthe force awakenshad everything.

The conversation between old and new in Star Wars remains one of the most important elements of the Sequel trilogy.

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I always loved the original Star Wars trilogy, I grew up watching the movies on DVD and ITV reruns, but I watched themthe force awakensunfolding on the big screen was something else. It was the thrill of the unknown: no one knew that Rey was the main character, or that the villainous Kylo Ren was Han and Leia's son. The revelation that this generation's Skywalker was not our new hero and had succumbed to the dark side brought audible gasps. some blame usthe force awakensof sensual nostalgia, but it didn't seem that way when first confronted with the brutal impact of Han Solo's death, which led directly to the operatic family tragedy at the heart ofstar war. That moment stuck in my mind for days after watching it. When I was a kid it was impossiblenoknowing that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker's father. But a new trilogy that begins with Han Solo's death at the hands of his own fallen son? I never saw it coming.

Afterthe force awakensended up withHeCapturing Rey and Luke Skywalker on Ahch-To, my brain buzzed for two years wondering what might happen next: our Force-sensitive hero would surely learn the ways of the Force from our legendary teacher. Living with that anticipation, with those stories echoing in my head, was as wonderful as watching them unfold: it was something the original trilogy could never give me.

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when it finally arrivedthe last jediThe wait was worth it: Rian Johnson's film remains perhaps the best-drawn Star Wars film, not just visually, but also in terms of story and characters. Big, mythical, adventurous, playful: that's warShould be.the last jediit builds and complicates, turning the narrative on its head in exciting ways that become more satisfying with each iteration. From Snoke's throne room awaiting romance to Luke's power projection as he faces the First Order on Crait, the heartbreaking action moments are amplified by character-based choices that revolve around a beautiful central theme: protecting good. it's as heroic as fighting evil. . This whole thing is my favorite scene of the entire trilogy: Luke confronting Yoda's force spirit and contemplating the true worth of the Jedi and the meaning of failure. "We are what we grow," says Yoda. "That is the true burden of all Masters."

the conversation betweenstar warOld and New remains one of the most important elements of the Sequel trilogy. They are legacy films that question the meaning of legacy, from the search to the rediscovery of the heart ofstar warEmthe force awakens' Look for Luke toothe last jediis also questioning the validity of the Jedi orderthe rise of skywalkerConcepts of family inheritance and predestination. And underneath it all are our new heroes, Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron and Rose, who live in the shadow of the old legends, working to live up to them, while creating their own legends in the process. That statement is reflected in the films themselves: a generation that grew up watching the complete original trilogy ended up being part of a new adventure as it unfolded.

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If the original trilogy was defined by its central villain as its hero, so is the sequel trilogy. KyloRen is considered one of the richest and most complex characters in the saga, against all odds. How could a new villain do the icon justice? Darth Vader? The response was brilliant: you create a character who is consumed by the idea of ​​doing justice to Darth Vader.driver adamHis fleeting performance: Throughout the trilogy, you can feel his agony, the moments he soon returns to light before tragically, inevitably, slipping further into darkness. After killing Snoke and fighting Rey back to backthe last jediIt could all end: they could live free and allow the galaxy to live in peace. But KyloRen can't, even when there are no obstacles in his way, he's still drawn to the dark side and wants to take Rey with him. ANDstar warin its most operatic form.

With all your mistakes - and allstar warclosest trilogy to what it has –the rise of skywalkerIt brilliantly portrays the tug of war of Rey and KyloRen's intertwined stories. Their power talks grow ever more dangerous, as it is Ren who brings out Rey's Force Lightning and reveals her true dark origin in Raging Sea - pure drama of epic proportions. And it has consequences: taking KyloRen down again without hesitation when given the chance, and reviving him as Ben Solo, facial scar, now forcibly healed. I broke down in tears in the theater as Ben made peace with his father's memory, the stormy waters now calmed, redeemed by love and the promise that it wasn't too late to return to the light. That it was Leia's final act calling out to KyloRen and giving him that crucial moment of respite felt like a huge tribute to him.Carrie FischerLeia's legacy and the story of Leia facing impossible circumstances. It was full of surprises, but true to the redeeming essence of Star Wars.

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At the center of the trilogy is Rey, our heroine, the girl who comes out of nowhere and has nothing. The scavenger picking up the wreckage of the old war who, like Luke before it, looks up to the sky and dreams of something bigger, a sense of belonging. His journey through the sequel trilogy is wonderfully moving. at the opening ofthe force awakensHe sits in the desert at the foot of a crashed AT-AT and wears the helmet of an old rebel pilot while eating his half ration. to the climaxthe rise of skywalker, she leads the rebellion in Luke's old X-wing, dons her helmet and marches into battle, ready to face her destiny. It's a bright bow. The sequel trilogy is really about Rey's search for her identity: the girl from Jakku is desperate to find out who she is and what makes her special. And while her parentage may be extraordinary, the answer to all of this has always been herself: only King. It is she who finds the missing Luke Skywalker, trains with him, brings him back into battle, rescues the young resistance, trains with Leia, brings KyloRen back to the light, defeats the Emperor and chooses her own identity: Rey. skywalker . And it all comes from following her instincts, her empathy and compassion, her belief in the soft side of power. For me she is the greatest heroinestar war.

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Rey's story remains the brightest light of all the films, full of joy. The sequel trilogy gave us incredible heroes. It gave us more representation and allowed more people to see themselves in a galaxy far, far away than ever before. He gave us Porgs and BabuFrik and BB-8 rolling across the desert. He gave us the "King's Theme". He gave us the best lightsaber fights, the most thrilling flight sequences, and Poe Dameron biting his lip. even gave uslaura dernin a purple wig.

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I will always love the original trilogy - without them it wouldn't existstar war. I'm enjoying the prequel trilogy, bugs and all. But it was the sequel trilogy, watching it unfold, fully believing in this new generation of heroes, dreaming of what's to come, that really, really, really made feelthe power.

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