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The 10 strongest characters in 'Hunter x Hunter' (1)

Jager x Jageris an anime based on the manga written by Yoshihiro Togashi and revolves around Gon, a young man who possesses incredible strength and natural talent combined with boundless enthusiasm. In a world where hunters ⏤ individuals with incredible physical, martial, and powerful abilities ⏤ are needed to fight criminals, mythical beasts, and powerful supernatural entities, Gon attempts to follow in his father's footsteps after being abandoned as a baby. . Gon's first step is to take the Hunter exam to get his Hunter's license, like his father did at the same age. Here we are introduced to Kurapika, Leorio, and our next main character after Gon, Killua Zoldyck, as well as a number of other characters who frequently reappear in the series. This is an adventure/fantasy/martial arts anime filled with epic battle scenes, crazy powers, and even crazier plots, taking us all over the world and even giving us a glimpse of the terrible dark continent beyond.

Both the anime and manga were huge commercial successes and gained a large and loyal fan base. The manga has circulated 72 million copies as of November 2021 and the anime is also very popular among critics, some of whom believe it to be one of the best anime ever made. Even the anime streaming site Crunchyroll listed it among the top 25 anime of the 2010s.Jager x JagerIt ended in 2014 despite the manga's continuation, and while it's not uncommon for anime to have big gaps between seasons, it doesn't seem to end, leaving fans wondering if they'll ever see more of the show they love.

This list examines the 10 strongest characters to appear inJager x Jager. What makes them strong? Who fought whom? And how is this power manifested? This list won't focus on characters who haven't shown us just how strong they are yet, so while we're under the impression that characters like Ging Freecs and Beyond Netero are super strong, we haven't seen any real proof of that. strength yet and it won't, so focus on others who openly radiate it. Come on!

10. Hisoka

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The bloodthirsty mage's kill count alone would give anyone pause, but otherwise, look for really strong opponents just for the hell of taking them out. The creepy, perverted Hisoka seems to derive a certain amount of sexual pleasure from the thoughts of fighting and killing strong opponents. His nen's ability changes and changes the texture of his aura to rubber and gum, calling it "chewing gum", a fact that Hisoka willingly reveals at various points in the anime.

He is also a master of deception and uses another technique called "textured surprise", which allows him to hide the extent of his injuries and deceive others, including the dangerous Phantom Troupe. Hisoka is one of the most selfish characters in the series, happily joining characters when it suits him and happily killing them when they are no longer good for anything. He may be at the bottom of this list, but he still defeated a lot of Hunters to get here.

9. Zenon Zoldyck

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Former leader of the Zoldyck family of assassins, Zeno is a formidable fighter trained both physically and as a user of Nen. His speed and strength are shown during his battle with Chrollo in addition to his mastery of hand-to-hand combat. His nen ability is that of a transmuter and he can transform his aura into a dragon, which he can physically ride. His move "Dragon Dive" from him can control destruction from above and he uses this ability to help Netero against the Chimera Ants.

Most Nen Masters should be able to extend their aura to a 50 meter radius, but Zeno can easily extend his aura to 100 meters and admits that he could push it up to 300 meters, although he may tire of that. . Although he is a murderer, Zeno does not kill out of anger or joy, but only when he is paid to do so. Still, he wants to keep collateral damage to a minimum. Due to his assassin skills, physical superiority, and exceptional abilities as a Nen user, Zeno deserves to be on this list.

8. Silva Zoldick

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Silva is the current boss of the Zoldyck family of assassins. Silva, son of Zeno and father of Killua, is not seen as often as the other Zoldyck members on the show. As the head of the family, we know that Silva is extremely strong. This is shown when he confronts the Phantom Troupe's leader, Chrollo, with Silva coming out of the match unscathed. He has superhuman strength and speed due to being trained as an assassin from a young age, as well as being immune to toxins. Also, normal blades can't penetrate his skin.

Regarding some of his other abilities, Killua tells Gon that his father can take a man's heart out without spilling a drop of blood, which is amazing and terrifying. Like his father, Silva is also a transmuter, capable of turning his aura into balls of destruction. While we don't get to see Silva as much as we'd like, we know he's a formidable opponent.

7. Chrollo Lucifer

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Leader of the Phantom Troupe, a group of extremely strong fighters and Nen users, Chrollo is formidable and one of the strongest characters we've seen inJager x Jager. He is so strong that he can take on not one, but two Zoldycks in a fight, and not just any Zoldycks, but the two already on this list, Zeno and Silva. At the end of the battle, when he asks Zeno who would win one on one, Zeno believes that if Chrollo intended to kill him, he would probably kill him.

His nen ability is that of a specialist, and Chrollo can steal the powers of other neon users by placing them in a book that, when summoned, allows him to use that ability. This means it's almost impossible to plan against him, as he can trade one ability for another. In addition to his prowess in combat and his nen abilities, Chrollo is exceptionally intelligent, able to strategize at any time, and has almost no fear of death, making him extremely dangerous to face.

6. Shaiapoof (puf)

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The next three on our list are the actual guardians of the chimera, starting with Shaiapouf. As part of the royal guard, she has access to vast amounts of neon and superhuman feats of strength and speed. His nen count is off the charts, with some saying he had access to more nen than President Netero (which we'll get to shortly). His aura was so terrifying that an experienced hunter would collapse just in his presence. His natural nen ability is as a manipulator and he focuses on support and strategy, displaying incredible intellect. He is able to give other Chimera Ants nen abilities that complement his natural abilities.

Thanks to the scales on his wings, Pouf can read the current psychological state of anyone he touches and also completely hypnotize them, taking control of thousands of minds at once. He can also make his cells split, splitting into smaller versions of himself or modifying them to look like another person. This ant has a lot of skills and physical strength to boot, making it a terrible opponent.

5. Menthuthuyoupi (Youpi)

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Menthuthuyoupi, also known as Youpi, is the power of the royal guards, and that's saying something. He took on several talented fighters at once, barely breaking a sweat. Unlike the other two royal guards, Youpi had magical beast genes that allowed him to shapeshift and may also have contributed to his Hulk-like extreme strength and durability. His nen ability is like an amplifier, capable of greatly increasing his already remarkable natural power using his aura. Unlike Shaiapouf, Youpi is very easily angered and allows this anger to build up inside of him, making him extremely volatile.

During the battle, his rage increases until he explodes, creating a crater over 40 feet in diameter. He quickly learns to control this power and causes him to transform into a terrifying centaur-like beast that hunters have no chance of defeating. If Shiaipouf can be considered King Meruem's strategist, then Youpi's shield ⏤ is an indestructible force that stops anyone who gets in his way.

4. Neferpitou (pitou)

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The feline royal guard is an entity to be feared. Needing to play with his food, like a cat, Pitou kills Kite (a strong fighter in his own right) and uses his nen ability to put his body back together, only to have fun hitting him again for a fight. . They are a seriously confused cat. Along with their immense physical abilities like super strength, durability, and detection abilities like keen sight and smell, their aura is enormous and makes them perfect as guards, as they can direct it in multiple directions to spot intruders just like they do when Netero and Zeno launch Zoldyk an attack from above.

Classified as expert nen users, they create a variety of abilities, usually in the form of puppet systems to carry out their wishes and the wishes of the king. Their power in aura management means they can keep puppets animated for days without fatigue. Their natural physical abilities and mastery of nen, combined with their sadistic nature, make them one of the strongest and most dangerous characters on the show.

3. President Isaac Netero

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Netero is the 12th President of the Hunter Association and is probably one of the strongest fighters we see in the anime, though even he admits there are fighters stronger than him. Netero was once considered the strongest fighter of all time in his prime, and despite his advanced age, he certainly possesses an incredible amount of strength and skill. Through years of practice and meditation, he reached a state of enlightenment, sharpening his body's abilities beyond normal human limitations.

He is able to fall unscathed from great heights, strike faster than sound, and even outrun characters with enhanced bodies like Neferpitou. His nen technique, 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, is enough to give even Meruem a hard time, as he attacks from multiple directions so quickly and powerfully that he can complete an attack process in less than 0.1 seconds. . Netero has spent his life looking for an opponent strong enough to face him and is delighted at the idea of ​​fighting Meruem and even grateful that he had the honor to do so even though it was his last battle.

2.Gon for adults

The 10 strongest characters in 'Hunter x Hunter' (10)

During Chimera Ant Ark, our young and positive Gon shows that he has a dark side. This happens when he loses Kite to Neferpitou and is desperate to get him back. We're entering a morally gray area for a protagonist here, as he's driven purely by emotion, and once getting Kite back is said to be impossible, he loses all control over rationality and humanity. He creates a state of insanity to get all the nen he will have to kill Pitou, he doesn't care if it costs him his life. Since Gon already has exceptional nen potential, this pushes his body to the limit, he ages him and grants him a power that Pitou believes is a threat to Meruem.

It would be impossible to tell Meruem and adult Gon who would win since we never get a chance to see this fight, but adult Gon is definitely capable of clearing the ground ⏤ or the mountainside ⏤ with Pitou, who really isn't against chance. , making their fight more like a one-sided killing spree than a fight. Even after Pitou's death, his nen tries to fight against his corpse, managing to grab Gon's arm, but Gon only uses that arm to keep hitting the corpse until he can't do anything else.

1. mero

The 10 strongest characters in 'Hunter x Hunter' (11)

Meruem is the pinnacle of the Chimeric Ant race. He is their king and all they are are just the building blocks that lead to their conception. Obviously, his strength, durability, speed, and combat abilities have been off the charts since the time of his birth. He has more children than any other character in the series and his desire is to simply dominate the human world. He can take on and defeat President Netero and can easily defeat all of his own royal guards. His intellect is also superior and he enjoys competing against the world's best in a variety of board games, killing them once he is victorious.

The only opponent he couldn't defeat was a blind Gungi player named Komugi, which makes Meruem think about humanity and his own position in life. His Nen ability is that of an expert and he can increase his already considerable Nen count by consuming the flesh and brains of Nen users. His control over his nen is extreme, but due to the fact that he only lives 40 days, we never really see him as a sophisticated nen user, as he focuses too much on his raw physical abilities. His death is due to Netero, who detonates a nuclear bomb, "The Poor Man's Rose", which contains a poison to which Meruem eventually succumbs.

Honorable Mention

The 10 strongest characters in 'Hunter x Hunter' (12)

Alluka Zoldyck, or more specifically the entity that lives within her called Nanika (or "Something"), can grant any wish asked of them, bending reality to do so. However, these desires can come at an extreme cost. To receive a wish, you must first accept three requests from Alluka, and then Nanika appears to grant a wish. If the wish is small, the next set of requests should be fairly easy, but if the wish is large, they can be difficult, if not impossible. If four requests go unfulfilled, the person the requests are addressed to ⏤ plus a host of other people associated with that person ⏤ will implode.

That power terrifies even Alluka's family, a house of trained and deadly assassins, and we still don't know the limit of their power or if they even have one. The only thing keeping them off the top 10 list is that Alluka has no formal combat abilities or other physical attributes that would make them a threat in combat, which means that while they are extremely powerful, they are also extremely powerful. vulnerable. , leaving Killua promising herself to protect them. The other issue that keeps them off the list is that someone else has to make the wish, so while they can kill a strong character like Meruem, someone else has to make the wish. Killua is the only exception to the rules and can command Nanika, likely putting him in control of this extreme power.


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The 10 strongest characters in 'Hunter x Hunter' (13)

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