What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (2023)

Thanks to Yellowstone, we get to experience ranch life up close and in color. It has so many great characters. Among them, Rip Wheeler or Cole Hauser (that's his real name) has always been a fan favorite. That's why trying to dress like him isn't weird at all. The stars of the series are Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler),Kevin Costner (John Duton), Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton),Kelly Reilly Beth DuttonWes BentleyKelsey AsbilleMónica Long Dutton, Dave Annable and Gil Birmingham.

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (1)

So what kind of jeans does Rip wear in Yellowstone?

Rip Wheeler primarily wears blue jeans to match his black jacket and shirt. Levi's 501 and 505 jeans are great options to consider. Both are available in the market for $59.50. Wrangler jeans are a great option when looking for alternatives. Wrangler jeans are mostly monochrome. They are available in the $49.00 price range.

That was just the short answer to our entire discussion. But there is more to show about this topic.

Don't stop reading if you're ready to get to know Rip Wheeler and his outfit in detail.

Jeans Rip Wheeler Kurzliste

  1. Levi's 505 Regular Fit Elastic -buy on amazon
  2. Levi's 501® Original Fit Herrenjeans:buy on amazon
  3. Levi's 559 Jeans Masculino -Buy Levi
  4. Wrangler George Slim Fit Original-Fit-Jeans:buy on amazon,Cowboy

What jeans does Rip Wheeler wear?

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (2)

Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler is one of the best characters Yellowstone has to offer. His brilliance and loyalty to John Dutton made him special in our eyes.

If we had to describe her appearance in one word, it would be "brave". She mostly wears black tops and a black hat. It's very elegant and not too flashy.

The dark outfit also represents her eventful past very well.

To rock a great Rip Wheeler look, you definitely need a pair of jeans. And not just any pair of jeans. If you've seen Rip Wheeler on TV, you know he usually wears jeans.

They are not very noticeable, but they do not go unnoticed either. There are actually many discussions and threads on Reddit and the fandom about this. Most fans point to Wrangler and Levi's. And they are not wrong.

Rip wears many Wrangler jeans throughout the series. Well, Wrangler has always been a classic, we can all admit that. But he also wore a pair of Levi's every now and then.

If you're looking for Levi's, it's the 501 and 505 jeans. The Levi's 501 is a little darker and goes well with a black jacket. If your theme is dark-oriented, the Levi's 501 is a good choice.

However, the Levi's 505 is a lighter approach. It has a nice hint of sky blue that makes it a little eye-catching. It's also flashier than the Levi's 501. It might look good in the summer.

(Video) The jeans of Yellowstone

Want to know the best? Both come with a choice of colors! So don't hesitate and look for these jeans. You can easily select and match it with your top.

With that in mind, we also want to talk about some Wrangler jeans. Wrangler also offers some good blue jeans. Often they can be a cheaper option. Choose any Original Fit jeans in the deep blue color palette. And that will be all.

There are also some Buffalo David Bitton jeans to try. But sometimes they can be too dark.

But it doesn't hurt to try, right? Have a look around their store and you might just find the perfect fit you've been looking for.

Wie stilt man Rip Wheeler Jeans?

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (3)

So far we've only talked about the jeans Rip wears. But jeans alone do not complete the outfit. So let's start by talking about the other important parts of your outfit. Don't worry because we've got you covered!

To save you time, we've chosen to include jackets, boots, and shirts. If you combine them all, you can easily get the Rip Wheeler look.

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Chaqueta Rip Wheeler

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (4)

Rip Wheeler's Classic Black Jacket in Yellowstoneit's definitely impressive. That's why many fans often wonder what kind of jacket Rip Wheeler is wearing.

Since it can get really hot at times, Rip doesn't carry anything heavy. He wears a light black cotton jacket. His jacket also has a viscose lining.

Achieving this rugged theme is easy with this jacket. It matches your character perfectly. Therefore, your priority should be to buy a jacket that gives you a robust feeling.

Thankfully, this jacket isn't anything super expensive or fancy. In fact, you can easily manage this jacket on a budget of $150.

It is a black cotton jacket with a single pocket. The pocket can be seen on the left side of the pants.

The jacket also features a padded lining and a button closure. Also, be sure to focus on the left pocket. Without them, the look will not be complete. Make sure the buttons are also blank.

Fortunately, you can easily find these jackets in any store. They are quite manageable and take little to no time. Simply put, it should be a light cotton jacket with a side pocket. The color must be black.

And that is; Now you're the next Rip Wheeler!

(Video) Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Knows Why Women Lust for Rip Wheeler

We linked and talked about one of these jackets that you might like. Then stay to look after her. But let's move on to other parts of the outfit.

Rip Wheeler-Shirt

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (5)

After the jacket, it's time to talk about the shirt he's wearing underneath. Rip Wheeler is an all black person. The shirt he's wearing is also black, of course.

For the shirt you can get anyblack shirtDo you want. But maybe you want the really flawless look. In this case, you need to get black denim shirts. The buds must be white; that's the first priority.

Then make sure there are two side pockets and a good collar. With all this together, your shirt will look perfect.


What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (6)

One of Rip Wheeler's iconic attributes is his classic brown hat. This has fans wondering: what kind of hat does Rip wear in Yellowstone?

Rip Wheeler wears a classic western stylecowboy cabin🇧🇷 It is brown and the color usually matches the boots. The hat can also be called the rancher style.

It features a lightweight hem on both sides, giving it that classic denim finish.

So your hat should be brown. Make sure it is slightly curved. If these two requirements are met, you can try on any hat you like.

ripped cycling boots

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (7)

Many wonder what boots Rip is wearing in Yellowstone. Because if you want to dress like Rip Wheeler, boots are a must.

Without good boots, your friends won't see you as a true cowboy.

In addition to these cute jackets, Yellowstone also showed off some boots. And we all know how gorgeous these boots are!

Of course, it's common to look for boots to match your Yellowstone outfit. But to be honest, it can be a bit difficult. That's because not all boots match outfits. Especially when it's an all-black Rip Wheeler outfit!

To wear a Rip Wheeler outfit, you need pointy toe boots.square toe bootsThey've always been the first choice for farmers anyway. Brown square toe boots are what you are looking for.

These boots will scream cowboy when you wear them. Brown boots simply go with a black top and blue jeans.

7 products used for Rip Wheeler wheels

Deciding which jeans to buy is not an easy task. Also, searching the internet can take some time. We totally understand.

(Video) The gear and brands of Yellowstone

That's why we decided to offer you some nice jeans that you might like. Here, we show you some of the best jeans you can get. All of them can easily achieve the Rip Wheeler look.

Sit back, relax and check out the entire catalog we have prepared for you!

1. Men's Levi's 505 regular fit jeans

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (8)

If you are looking for something light thenLevi's 505 regular cutThey are amazing. These jeans have about 35 different colors. So there are many options to choose from.

In addition, it is 100% cotton and zippered, irresistible to buy.

Even light blue has many different shades, which is good news. Light blue jeans go well with brown boots. They also look great in broad daylight.

These jeans are also priced at $59.50. These are more normal cut than the originals. Therefore, it is a little more elastic than the original jeans.

2. Jeans Levi's 501® Original Fit Masculino

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (9)

If you are looking for something dark, you should opt for these jeans. Happily,Levi's 501 Original-Fit-Jeansit also costs $59.50 like the Levi's 505.

The only difference is that these jeans are original and not regular fit. So these will be a little tighter than the 505.

Some of the darker colors may cost a little more. These jeans are priced at $69.50 which is a bit pricey.

But they are definitely worth it if you like the color. You can also wait for Christmas or Halloween if the price seems too high for you.

During the festive seasons, these pants can be purchased for just $39.50! Like the Levi's 505, the 501 offers a ton of colors to choose from.

3. Jeans Levi's 559 Relaxed Straight Masculino

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (10)

Fancy something even darker and more relaxed? After thisLevi's 559 Premium Relaxed Jeansare the best choice for you!

But there is a slight difference between these jeans and the ones mentioned so far. It's the quality of your fabric.

These jeans are made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex. These jeans also come in a variety of sizes, making them super versatile.

When it comes to pricing, they are also available for $59.50. During Christmas and other promotions, prices are reduced to $39.99

(Video) The Boots of Yellowstone

But ultimately, if you want the whole theme to be dark, these jeans are the best. There are 4 different shades of blue; light, light, dark and darker. There are about 20 colors to choose from.

4. Jeans Wrangler's George Strait Cowboy Cut Original Fit Masculino

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (11)

We can't talk about jeans without mentioning the Wrangler. They are an absolute classic and guarantee a noble look.

Wrangler George men's right leg jeansit can cost around $49.00 to $82.00. However, keep in mind that Wrangler jeans have fewer color options. They are also comparatively much cheaper.

These jeans are available in stonewashed and heavy stonewashed denim. These are 100% cotton which makes them super comfortable. And they are machine washable only.

One thing you'll notice when buying a Wrangler is its color scheme. Their jeans usually don't have stripes or anything like that.

This makes your jeans look super stylish for many people.

5. Wrangler Men's Western Long Sleeve Snap Button Shirt with Solid Trim

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (12)

Your Rip Wheeler ensemble isn't complete without black jeans. If you are struggling to find the perfect shirt, this could be your choice.

Wrangler men's long-sleeved denim shirtit might be the perfect vest to wear. It goes with almost any jacket. These shirts cost around $40.00 if you go up a size.

6. Queue Essentials Straw Cowboy Hat

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (13)

Queue Essentials Western-CowboyhutIt goes perfectly with a black outfit. Since your boots will be brown, you must take this into account.

These hats are stretchable and made from canvas. It follows classic cattle style, something many cowboys love.

They are also durable and last a long time. These hats are priced at $40.99, making them affordable.

7. ARIAT western boots for men

What kind of jeans does Rip Wheeler wear in Yellowstone? (14)

ARIAT men's western bootsThey are considered to be one of the best selling boots of all time. So you don't have to worry about durability. The overwhelming reviews say it all.

These boots are 100% leather which is a big plus. In addition, their shoes are made with Duratread soles, which offer extreme protection. Also, they are known for staying true to size.

This makes them perfect for online shopping.

last words

That was all about the type of jeans worn in Yellowstone. We hope you enjoyed our suggestions and found something to wear!

(Video) Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter Breaks Down the Wardrobe | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

Just go for blue jeans that offer decent quality. Light colored jeans tend to stand out and draw attention. On the other hand, dark jeans can spice things up a bit. In any case, there is no loss.

Finally, have a nice day and happy shopping!


What does Rip Wheeler wear? ›

Rip is often wearing a black button-up shirt as part of his ensemble. It is a versatile, practical, and timeless piece. This Wrangler Cowboy Cut Western Long Sleeve Snap Work Shirt has a comfortable cotton design. The durable build provides protection as you work.

What brand do they wear on Yellowstone? ›

Just in time for the premiere of Yellowstone Season 5, Lucky Brand has released a clothing capsule in collaboration with the show.

Does Rip have a brand in Yellowstone? ›

Every character who is branded on Yellowstone is part of the Dutton's extended family. Apart from John and Kayce, this includes Rip, Jimmy, Lloyd Pierce (Forrie J. Smith), and Walker.

Does rip wear a Filson jacket? ›

What kind of jacket or coat does John Dutton wear? Yellowstone 's character John Dutton was filmed wearing Filson's Northway, Journeyman and Quilted Mile Marker jackets. Also, Yellowstone's Rip Wheeler wore a Filson Short Tin Cruiser.

What brand is Rips jacket? ›

The Rip Wheeler Jacket is a brand of Filson. This is one of the most popular jackets in Yellowstone. It's worn by Cole Hauser, who plays the character of Rip Wheeler.

Is Beth branded in Yellowstone? ›

Why did Jamie sterilize Beth? According to a reveal by Yellowstone stars, Jamie believes he acted in his sister's best interest by having Beth sterilized. Taking her to an abortion clinic at the Indian Reservation was the only way to keep the incident from John and protect Rip as well.

Is rips hair dyed in Yellowstone? ›

Cole Hauser has to dye his hair black for his role as Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone for an interesting reason. In an appearance on The Jenny McCarthy Show, the actor explained, "When I first got the role, as you know Kelly [Reilly is] ginger and I'm ginger as well.

Did Beth and Walker sleep together? ›

Beth was not cheating on Rip, but rather just expressing her emotions which she often has a hard time doing and didn't want Rip to see. Nothing actually happened between her and Walker.

What style of cowboy hat does rip wear on Yellowstone? ›

The Rip Wheeler hat, inspired by the hat made for Cole Hauser for Season 1 of the hit television show Yellowstone. This hat is classic Reiner crease, with a self-band.

Who bought out Filson? ›

Bedrock Manufacturing Co.

What belt buckle does rip wear on Yellowstone? ›

In Yellowstone, Rip mostly wears a silver belt buckle. This belt is classy and iconic. This high-quality hand-polished belt buckle has a silver-plated finish. It is constructed from durable zinc alloy material that will withstand years of wear.

What brand of jacket does Rip Wheeler wear? ›

Rip Wheeler: Filson Tin Cloth Short Lined Cruiser Jacket

It looks like your regular trucker, albeit with a few tweaks. In reality, though, it's a Filson Tin Cloth Short Lined Cruiser Jacket, but plenty — myself included — think the costume department altered Wheeler's actual on-screen iteration.

What brand coat does rip wear? ›

What Jacket does Rip Wheeler wear? Rip Wheeler is the famous character of the Television series Yellowstone; the Cole Hauser Jackets comprises 100% pure cotton material: premium Quality to wear in winter and formal and casual parties.

What kind of jacket does rip have? ›

Rip Wheeler Jacket Filson

Filson is a renowned Designer of western clothes. Rip wears a customized Filson Tin Cloth Short Lined Cruiser in black.

What style is Rips hat in Yellowstone? ›

The Rip Wheeler hat, inspired by the hat made for Cole Hauser for Season 1 of the hit television show Yellowstone. This hat is classic Reiner crease, with a self-band.


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