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In the world of the popular manga and anime series "Hunter x Hunter", the concept of "nen" plays a central role. Nen is a type of life force or aura that allows people to use various supernatural abilities. There are six different categories or types of nen, each with their own unique traits and abilities.

The first type is called "Enhancement". As the name suggests, this type of nen allows users to enhance their physical abilities such as strength, speed, and durability. It is the most basic and common type of nen, and many people who can use nen naturally possess this ability.

The second type is "Transmutation", which allows users to manipulate the properties of objects or substances. This can range from changing an object's color to changing its chemical composition. Transmutation users are highly adaptable and can find creative ways to use their abilities in combat.

The third type is "Broadcast", which allows users to project their nen out of their bodies and control them remotely. This type of neon is often used for ranged attacks and can be especially useful for surprise attacks.

The fourth type is "Manipulation", which allows users to control the actions and movements of other living things or objects. This type of neon is very versatile and can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes.

The fifth type is "Specialization", which allows users to imbue their nen into an item or weapon, giving it special properties or abilities. This type of neon requires a high degree of control and concentration, as the user must be able to maintain the influence of the neon on the object, even when not physically touching it.

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The last type is "Conjuration", which allows users to create objects or substances from scratch. This type of nen is rare and requires a high level of skill and control, as the user must be able to hold the item even when not focusing on it.

Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, and expert users can use multiple types in combination to create powerful and unique abilities. Nen is a central element of the "Hunter x Hunter" series and plays an important role in character development and the plot of the story.

Hunter X Hunter: All 6 Nen Types, Ranked By Strength

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Transmutation users have unique attitudes and many are considered insane or cheats. If you have an idea for a special feature, please submit it to Crunchyroll Features! Many of them are quick-tempered and short-tempered. On the other hand, Gotoh and Ikalgo, whose innate type is Enhancement, lean 20% and 40% respectively towards Emission. The mysterious inscription on Ging's metal body Another mystery is the exact relationship between Nen, Nen in society Nen is a power unknown to the general public, with only a minority of people being able to use it or even know of its existence. . This can be unlocked through exposure, training, or just plain luck. What are the ADVANCED TECHNIQUES of Nen in HxH? The Four Major Principles, in order of study, are: Tien, Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu. While the auras of most Nen users are weaker when separated from their bodies, a transmitter can retain the power of their aura for a short time after being separated from them.


HxH: Togashi's Nen Update

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It is said that it takes a month to take Ren out of battle with 10 minutes. This technique also contains elements of Tenu and Zetsu, as well as Renu. About Hunter x Hunter Hunter x Hunter is a Shonen anime adapted from the manga of the same name. His personality is lively and lively, which explains why. Shizuku, a member of the Phantom Troupe, can conjure a vacuum cleaner that can suck up seemingly massive amounts of things.

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Hunter X Hunter Explanation of the six types of Nen.

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They are Meruem, Alluka, Abengane, Netero, Zeno, and Biscuit Krueger. They tend to be very selfish and focused on their goals. It's important to master Ten, Zetsu, and Ren before you begin. Mages view neon as a tool. Many of them are quick-tempered and short-tempered.


What is your type Nen?

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Illumi uses needles to control others and use them for his needs. Using Ten Gon and Killua Ten Once a person has opened his auric nodules, he must learn to prevent his aura from escaping from her body. Kite can launch crazy slots that can even talk and turn into different objects. Everyone is in favor of fighting and tends to want to keep their families and loved ones safe. We'll assess your potential performance for each of these to determine your mental toughness type. These abilities are striking, as is her passionate nature. SHU Shu Zhou, Shielding, is an advanced form of Tien.


Nen type questionnaire. 100% Accurate Nen Personality Test

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If you're not into chicken types, but rather trivia, check out our WHAT'S YOUR TYPE OF HUNTER VS NEN HUNTER? It has a similar effect to Gyo, but is much more powerful. While this ability is very powerful, Neon would be decimated by all other Nen users on the battlefield. But Ryu can counter this. . They are very careful and think before they act and remain calm even in stressful times. We want you to tell us how you would master your Nen! Allows you to see the aura hidden by someone e. Ren is a display of power, it can also intimidate other Nen users as it is a rough measure of the user's raw strength; Ren" generally means that they want to see the fruits of someone's training, such as a Nen ability, rather than their own Ren.



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Gon also believes that his father, Ging Freecss, left him and his mother due to his endless desire to gain power. It is true that Kurapika's chains are capable of defeating Like Conjuration in its entirety, manipulation has the ability to defeat any other Nen user if used correctly. Once learned, it will never be forgotten, just like swimming or cycling. Transmuters can make your aura have many properties that are not identical to the real thing. They often put up a facade while hiding the true aspects of their personality.


child-like personalities

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Kenu can be used as protection against any attack and is significantly less damaging. The key is that it should feel good to the user; Instincts play a very important role in the development of Nen abilities. Some may discover how to manipulate their aura on their own, without being formally taught. Enhance Enhancers strengthen because they increase your aura and your inner and outer strengths through hard training. In HxH, Nen users can easily learn these basic skills. Enchantment Due to the conditional nature of Nen, an expert spellcaster can defeat any other Nen user, regardless of Nen type. Everyone can access it through proper training.


Nen HxH: Everything you need to know

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It has an emotionally changing story with moving elements of anger, sadness. Having 20-40% between two types just means that the character can learn the second type more easily than any other type on the spectrum. You can use Gyo to defend against Inem through En or in her eyes. What category are you? Hunter x Hunter Characters - Our most popular 50+ aura is evenly distributed throughout the body during fortification. The heading "potential" or "talent" implies both the maximum degree of mastery one can achieve and the speed of learning, which seem to be directly proportional: the faster you learn, the higher your upper limit should be.



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This ability is very dangerous and purely offensive. After its introduction, Nen Nen Traits and emotions Malicious intent channeled by the aura Although the production of aura is unconscious and constant for all living things, it is not just vital energy. Nen Questionnaire Explained A series of questions designed to determine your category of mental strength is known as a Nen Questionnaire or Test. You can open your Nodes enough after mastering these four concepts, according to the stories. This happens without the individual being aware of it, usually resulting in an aura slowly and steadily leaking out of the body, without extremely harmful consequences. Also, talent doesn't guarantee that you'll progress equally easily in all areas of Nen, as the comparison between Gon and Killua revealed.


Nen Type Quiz: What type of Nen do I have?

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Most of the characters have unique abilities, but they all come from neon. One of the main characters with this talent is Gon Freecss. In HvH, any Nen user can learn more advanced skills after mastering the basics. His nen abilities are simple but powerful. He uses his Aura to create and control weapons.

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