What was Killua thinking? (2023)

Killua is a complex character with a troubled past, raised as an assassin and emotionally conditioned to be ruthless and emotionless. He has a deep fear of his own family, the Zoldycks, and struggles with his own identity and self-esteem throughout the series.

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At the start of the series, Killua is initially motivated by his desire to escape his family and gain new experiences beyond the confines of his sheltered upbringing. He is in awe of the kindness and kindness of Hunter's classmates, especially his best friend Gon, whom he sees as a positive influence and role model.

But as they embark on various dangerous missions and encounter powerful enemies, Killua begins to face his own demons and insecurities. He struggles with the guilt and trauma of his previous murders, the pressure of living up to his family's expectations, and the fear of losing his new friends.

Throughout the series, Killua constantly struggles with his own sense of purpose and identity as he tries to reconcile his past as an assassin with his desire to live a different life. He also struggles with feelings of jealousy and incompetence towards Gon, whom he sees as his equal to him, as well as a shining example of purity and goodness that he doesn't necessarily feel he possesses.

So, to sum it up, what goes through Killua's mind is a complicated mix of fear, guilt, longing for a better life, and a deep desire to find his own sense of purpose and self-worth.

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What did Killua remove from his brain?

Killua did not physically remove anything from his brain. However, during the Chimera Ant arc of the Hunter x Hunter anime and manga, Killua underwent a mental and emotional transformation.

He was raised by a family of assassins and conditioned to be a ruthless killer. This conditioning has deeply ingrained in him certain beliefs and behaviors, such as viewing emotions as a weakness, always putting the mission first, and hurting others without hesitation.

As he spent more time with his friends Gon and the other Hunters, Killua began to question these beliefs and values. He began to experience emotions such as empathy and compassion and to understand the importance of friendships and human connections.

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In order to grow mentally and emotionally, Killua had to face his past and his conditioning. He had to learn to let go of certain beliefs and behaviors that were holding him back and adopt new ones. In essence, he removed the mental blocks and barriers that prevented her from becoming his true self.

This transformative journey has made Killua a more empathetic, compassionate, and genuine person. He has grown a lot as a character and has proven to be a true friend to Gon and others. So, while he didn't physically remove anything from his brain, Killua underwent a significant mental and emotional shift that allowed him to grow and evolve as a person.

Why did Killua lose his left eye?

Killua Zoldyck is one of the main characters in Hunter x Hunter, known for his exceptional assassination skills and extraordinary talents as a hunter. He comes from a renowned family of assassins known as the Zoldyck family, who raised him to be a cold-blooded killer. Although Killua was initially portrayed as emotionless, he gradually shows a more caring and empathetic side throughout the series, most notably through his friendship with the main protagonist, Gon Freecss.

Throughout the series, Killua faces various challenges that test his physical and mental abilities. He endures grueling physical training and fights against formidable opponents, yet remains undefeated and remains one of the most capable and powerful characters on the show.

However, it is essential to note that nothing in the series shows or suggests that Killua has lost his left eye. Therefore, the question remains unanswered and it is possible that the question stems from a fan theory or misconception.

I can't directly answer why Killua lost his left eye since no such event occurred during the Hunter x Hunter series. So it's safe to say that the question is based on a false assumption or hearsay.

What disorder does Killua have?

Therefore, I cannot tell if Killua, a fictional character, has psychiatric or medical disorders.

However, Killua is a character from the popular Japanese manga and anime series Hunter x Hunter. He is portrayed as a highly-skilled assassin and a member of the Zoldyck family, a notorious group of assassins. Throughout the series, Killua is portrayed as having a troubled past and a complex personality, characterized by a tendency to be cold, distant, and emotionally reserved, while also possessing strong loyalty and protective instincts towards his friends. .

Some fans have speculated whether or not Killua has psychiatric or neurological conditions such as sociopathy, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). However, these are purely speculative and not officially confirmed by the series creators or medical experts.

While it is possible to speculate whether or not Killua has psychological or medical problems, it is not possible to diagnose a fictional character without proper medical expertise and access to his medical records.

Why doesn't Killua's mother have eyes?

In the "Hunter x Hunter" anime/manga series, particularly in the Dark Continent arc, it is revealed that Killua's mother, Kikyo Zoldyck, has no eyes due to a rare condition called "Eyeless Disease". This disease is inherited through the Zoldyck family genes and causes a person to be born without eyes.

It is important to note that in the Zoldyck family, being born without eyes does not necessarily mean that one is weaker or less capable. In fact, Kikyo proves to be an incredibly skilled fighter and assassin, even without the aid of sight. His other senses, such as hearing and smell, have been enhanced and he has developed a technique called "En", which allows him to sense his surroundings and detect the presence of other people within a certain radius.

It is also further revealed that the Zoldyck family is interbreeding to maintain their genetic purity, which may increase the chances of inheriting the eyeless disease. This practice resulted in other physical deformities within the family, such as Kalluto Zoldyck's androgynous appearance and Illumi Zoldyck's need to constantly hold her hair a certain way to prevent it from falling out.

Kikyo Zoldyck's lack of eyes is due to a genetic condition within the Zoldyck family known as Eyeless Disease. Despite this, Kikyo is a powerful and skilled fighter and has adapted to her disability by enhancing her other senses and developing techniques to compensate for her lack of vision.

Why does Killua always have his hands behind his head?

Killua Zoldyck is one of the main characters in the popular Japanese manga and anime series Hunter x Hunter. He is a highly-skilled assassin and a member of the Zoldyck family, a notorious clan of professional assassins. Killua is often seen with his hands behind his head, which has become a signature pose for him.

The reason for Killua's habit of putting his hands behind his head is not explicitly explained in the series. However, there are a few possible reasons for this behavior.

One possible reason is that it is a sign of relaxation for Killua. When he is relaxed or comfortable, he puts his hands behind his head. This can be seen in multiple instances throughout the show where Killua is shown resting or when he is in a good mood. This habit also indicates that he is not tense or overly alert, which is consistent with his confident and carefree personality.

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Another reason for Killua's unique gesture may have to do with his upbringing. A member of the Zoldyck family, Killua was trained in the art of killing from a young age. He underwent rigorous training and conditioning to become a skilled assassin, which often involved subjecting his body to strenuous and demanding activities.

Being able to relax your hands and arms after such activities may have been a way to relieve any tension or tightness you felt in your muscles.

Finally, Killua's habit of putting his hands behind his head may reflect his overall personality. Throughout the series, Killua is portrayed as a self-assured, independent, and carefree character who doesn't hesitate to show his true colors. His body language, including his characteristic pose, reflects his relaxed demeanor and indicates that he does not feel the need to be formal or reserved all the time.

There could be several reasons for Killua's habit of putting his hands behind his head. Whether as a sign of relaxation, a coping mechanism for his rigorous training, or an embodiment of his carefree nature, it became one of his distinctive traits and a recognizable part of his character design.

What is Killua's aura?

Killua is a character from the hit anime and manga series Hunter x Hunter. He is known for his exceptional skills as an assassin and his unique personality. One of the things that sets Killua apart from other characters is his appearance.

In Hunter x Hunter, the aura is a powerful force possessed by all living things. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including combat, healing, and communication. The strength and nature of an individual's aura can vary greatly depending on many factors, including personality, training, and overall physical and mental health.

When it comes to Killua's aura, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First of all, Killua is a member of the Zoldyck family, known for producing some of the best assassins in the world. As a result, Killua underwent intense training from a young age to hone his combat skills, including his ability to control his aura.

As for the nature of his aura, Killua's is unique in that it is heavily influenced by his emotions and state of mind. When he feels calm and in control, his aura is stable and focused, allowing him to channel it effectively into his fighting techniques. However, when he is feeling agitated or stressed, his aura can become erratic and unstable, making it difficult for him to use it effectively.

Despite these challenges, Killua remains an incredibly formidable opponent thanks to his exceptional combat skills and ability to adapt to constantly changing situations. His aura plays an important role in this, allowing her to harness the power of his emotions and channel them into his fighting techniques. Killua's aura is a powerful force that reflects both his training as an assassin and his highly emotional nature as a character.

Was Killua mind controlled?

Killua Zoldyck is a character from the popular Hunter x Hunter manga and anime series. Over the course of the series, Killua goes through a lot of character development, and one of the questions that arises in the story is whether or not he was controlled by a spirit at certain points in the story.

The idea of ​​mind control stems from the fact that Killua is an assassin belonging to the infamous Zoldyck family, a group of skilled assassins who use various tools and techniques to do their job. One of those techniques is a form of brainwashing that makes the killers more obedient and loyal to the family.

Killua has been the subject of this brainwashing in the past and has been known to struggle with guilt and the inability to disobey his family's orders. However, it is up for debate whether or not he was under the control of a third party.

There are multiple instances in the story where Killua is under the control of something or someone. For example, in the Chimera Ant arc, Killua is briefly placed under the control of the Ant King and is forced to obey his every command. However, this is not due to Zoldyck's brainwashing, but rather an ability unique to Chimera Ants.

Another example of Killua being controlled is in the Greed Island arc, where he is placed under the control of a group of players who use a special card to manipulate him. Again, this is not due to Zoldyck's brainwashing, but rather a unique event specific to the game Greed Island.

While Killua has been the subject of Zoldyck's brainwashing in the past, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that he was under his control at any point in history. Cases where he is controlled by another entity are unique to these situations and do not support the idea that Killua is controlled by a spirit in a general sense.

Why is Killua immune to poison?

Killua, the character from the popular Hunter x Hunter manga series, demonstrates a unique ability to be immune to toxins. This ability is emphasized several times throughout the series and becomes an important part of his character. There are several possible explanations for Killua being immune to toxins.

One possibility is that you were born with this immunity. Killua comes from the Zoldyck family, known assassins. The Zoldyck family is known for their unique and powerful abilities, such as Silva Zoldyck's ability to manipulate electricity. Therefore, it is possible that Killua inherited this immunity as a genetic trait in his family.

Their immunity to the poison may have developed over several generations, as the Zoldyck family have been a prominent family of assassins for centuries, and they are said to have developed ways to protect themselves from the poison.

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Another possible explanation is that Killua developed his immunity through rigorous training. As a child, Killua underwent intensive training from his family to become an assassin. This training involved exposure to various toxins and toxins, which could have bolstered his immune system over time.

Additionally, the Zoldyck family is known for using harsh and unconventional training methods that have proven quite effective in developing their members' unique abilities.

It's also worth noting that Killua's natural talent for Nen, the energy system of the Hunter x Hunter universe, may have contributed to his immunity to toxins. Nen users can develop their bodies and immune systems through training, which could make Killua immune to toxins.

In the end, it could be argued that Killua's poison immunity is simply a "superpower" he possesses, without any explanation or justification. Hunter x Hunter is a series that features characters with extraordinary abilities, such as Gon's superhuman strength and Kurapika's ability to manipulate light.

It's not uncommon for characters on the show to have unique traits that science or logic can't easily explain.

There is no definitive answer as to why Killua is immune to toxins. It could be due to her genetics, training, natural talent for Nen, or just a fantastic ability that she possesses. Whatever the reason, your immunity to poison is an important part of your character and adds to the overall intrigue and uniqueness of the Hunter v Hunter universe.

When did Killua betray Gon?

Throughout the Hunter x Hunter series, Killua proves to be a loyal friend to Gon, always supporting and helping him in his endeavors. There may be times where Killua had conflicting opinions or decisions that did not match Gon's, but these instances do not necessarily constitute treason.

It is important to note that cheating is a serious act of infidelity and should not be taken lightly. Without specific information about the context of your question, it's hard to give a more specific answer. However, based on what we know about Killua's character and his relationship with Gon, there are no clear cases where Killua cheated on him.

What happened to Killua in episode 113?

In episode 113 of the Hunter x Hunter anime series, Killua undergoes a major transformation. During this episode, Killua is overcome with grief and uncertainty after witnessing the physical and emotional torture of his sister, Alluka, at the hands of his family butlers.

Killua's inner turmoil is compounded by the fact that he has long struggled with his own sense of self-worth and identity. For years, Killua lived in the shadow of his older brother, Illumi, who always looked down on him and manipulated him to achieve his own goals.

As Killua reflects on his own existence and what he wants for his future, he realizes that he must break free of his family's toxic influence and forge a new path. This realization leads him to make the difficult decision to leave his family behind and protect his sister, even if it means putting his own life in danger.

With this decision, Killua undergoes a dramatic transformation symbolized by him shedding his old skin and assuming a new, more determined persona. This transformation is also reflected in his physical appearance, as he is given a new outfit and a more muscular physique.

Episode 113 marks a pivotal moment in Killua's character development and sets the stage for the next leg of his journey as he navigates the dangerous and treacherous world of Hunter x Hunter.

What happens in episode 25 of hxh?

In episode 25 of Hunter x Hunter (2011 series), the competition in Heavens Arena reaches its climax between Gon and Hisoka. The battle between the two was intense and exciting, with both fighters showing off their impressive skills and techniques.

As the fight progresses, Gon manages to land Hisoka a solid hit, causing his mouth to bleed. But Hisoka, skilled fighter that he is, manages to come back and deal a powerful blow to Gon, knocking him unconscious on the tenth floor of the arena.

While unconscious, Gon has a vivid dream experience in which he sees his father, Ging, who tells him that the real showdown will find him at the end of his journey. He also tells Gon about the infamous Dark Continent and how he plans to explore it.

Waking up, Gon is greeted by Killua, who informs him that he has been unconscious for two full days. Then, the two friends leave the arena, while Gon reflects on his dream and what his father told him about him. The episode ends with Gon and Killua ready to continue their journey in search of more adventure and possibly Gon's father, Ging.

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Hunter x Hunter episode 25 is a pivotal moment in the series as it captures the motivation and purpose of Gon's journey. It also showcases Gon and Hisoka's intense fighting skills, further reaffirming the strength of the series' characters.

What if Killua died instead of flying?

If Killua had died instead of Kite, it would have had a huge impact on the Hunter v Hunter storyline. Killua was one of the most beloved and important characters in the series, and his death is said to have had a significant emotional impact not only on the other characters in the series, but also on the viewers themselves.

First, the relationship between Killua and Gon was one of the central themes of the series. They had an unbreakable bond based on respect, trust and loyalty. The whole story revolved around their friendship and their ambitions to become hunters. Killua's death is said to have destroyed Gon and left him feeling empty and lost.

This would have resulted in a significant change in Gon's character, potentially making him more jaded and ruthless.

Second, Killua's death would have a huge impact on the other characters in the series. His Hunter Association friends like Leorio and Kurapika would have been devastated, all of whom grew close to Killua during their many adventures together. His family, which has always had an important role in the series, would also have been affected.

It is said that Illumi, his brother and one of the world's most terrifying assassins, was saddened by the news of his younger brother's death.

Finally, like Kite, Killua himself was an excellent fighter, and his death is said to have diminished the fighting power of the assembled main team. Kite, who had a unique ability, was a powerful asset to the team and Killua's absence would have been felt in every fight.

Killua's death would have a huge impact on the Hunter x Hunter storyline. This would have changed the course of the series and left an emotional vacuum that would have affected both the other characters and the viewers. However, the underlying themes of friendship, power struggle, and adventure would remain intact and the story would continue as the remaining characters attempted to navigate the world without Killua's presence.

Gon and Killua broke up?

Gon and Killua are two of the main characters in the Hunter x Hunter series who started their journey together as friends and partners. They met during the Hunter exam and became good friends despite their different backgrounds and personalities. They went through many challenges and adventures together, including defeating powerful enemies, exploring new places, and learning new skills.

However, there were times when Gon and Killua experienced conflict and differences in their goals and values. One of the main conflicts occurred during the Chimera Ant arc, when Gon became obsessed with avenging Kite, sacrificing her own life in the process. Killua, on the other hand, tried to prevent Gon from getting lost and urged him to see the value of life and friendship.

Despite their differences, Gon and Killua remained loyal to each other and supported each other emotionally and physically. They shared a bond that went beyond words and deeds, expressing their feelings and thoughts through gestures and looks.

The last time Gon and Killua were seen together in the anime and manga was during the election arc, where they were temporarily separated to pursue their individual goals. Gon wanted to find her father, Ging, and discover the secrets of her past, while Killua planned to meet her sister, Alluka, and protect her from harm.

While Gon and Killua didn't part ways permanently, they realized that their journey as partners had come to an end and they needed to grow and explore on their own. They promised to meet again one day and continue their adventure together, but for now they had to go their separate ways.

Gon and Killua did not part ways permanently, instead choosing to part ways temporarily in order to pursue their individual goals and growth. Their friendship and partnership remain an essential part of the Hunter x Hunter series, and their bond represents the strength and beauty of true friendship.

Who does Killua fall in love with?

One of the four main protagonists of the series, Killua is portrayed as a reserved and aloof character who prioritizes his close relationship with his best friend and fellow hunter, Gon Freecss.

Throughout the series, Killua's character development is mainly focused on his journey of personal growth, breaking free of his family's dark past and discovering his own identity. There are no prominent romantic subplots in the series that explore Killua's romantic interests or relationships.

So in conclusion, Killua doesn't fall in love with any particular character in the anime or manga. Instead, the series depicts Killua's character growth, with an emphasis on his personal development and journey, which are the central storylines of the series.

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